Nikon D7000

Part 1 Part 2 Update July 3rd, 2013: I ended up returning and D7000 and buying a GH1 for $475 brand new with a 14-42 lens. Panasonic was having a firesale on the cameras through their website. I was later able to hack the GH1 and get some great video quality. Liked the camera a […]

Oh my God Canon!

  Dear CanonI’m not sure if you realize it yet or not, but by releasing your 7D camera today, you are going to completely rock the low budget movie industry. Even Hollywood professionals were beginning to check out your 5D mark II camera, but it only did 30p (30 frames per second) and lacked the […]


I really want to get another DSLR camera. I sold my Canon 300D back in the summer because at the time I needed the money. But I had it for a few years and when I did I got some great use out of it. I want to get either a Nikon D40 or a […]