EDIT: I’ve added captions for the fun of it.    The Wayne County building in downtown Detroit. We were walking around Detroit and it started to snow really hard but I had my big camera with me and shot this photo.  The box art for my feature film Falling Apart. I made the art work, […]


I recently took in some of my old slide film to get processed. The rolls were years old and I had no idea what was on them. To my surprise there were some really good photos, including this one of my son when he was a baby laying in the grass at the apple orchard. […]


I really want to get another DSLR camera. I sold my Canon 300D back in the summer because at the time I needed the money. But I had it for a few years and when I did I got some great use out of it. I want to get either a Nikon D40 or a […]