Religion Rejecting Reality

So I was reading this story and it got me really upset. Hence the entry below. It always amazes me how people who say they believe in God take scripture or religious law over reality. Even when proven wrong. They would rather believe a book written by men who “supposedly” had things revealed to them […]

Abstract God

Years ago I watched the audio commentary on the Blade DVD and the filmmakers were talking about the end fight scene in the movie. They said that originally they turned the character Deacon Frost into a big computer generated blob which Blade proceeded to fight. But test audiences didn’t like it. They became detached from […]

I Believe

You can believe in God without believing in religion. I’m a sort of deist and that’s basically where I’m at. I grew up a Catholic and then spent many years as an atheist. I realized that going from one extreme to another didn’t do me any good. But I did learn things from both sides. […]

The Angry Atheist

I wanted to link to this because I thought it was well written. I’m going to take a break after this from writing about religion. The topic is just getting old to me and lets face it, it’s never ending. I’ll probably come back to it again in the future, as these things often go […]

Die Hard Christians

You know I used to be a Christian at some point in my life. But I guess you could say I stopped believing in fairy tales. The idea of some all powerful creator watching over any of us is ridiculous at best. I’m not saying it’s impossible, just that it’s highly highly unlikely. Die hard […]