Directing a TV Commercial

Yesterday I was in studio directing three 15 second television spots for a client. These should be pretty neat little spots once they are finished. I pretty much ran a one man crew acting as gaffer, cinematographer and director. I had two producers with me and of course the actors. Behind the scenes pictures below.

Builder of Communities

For years I’ve been a builder of filmmaking communities. Currently I run two such communities: http://www.CineSmall.com I also started this community (but no longer run it): Previously I’ve also had a couple of others under the names Vision Engine and The Filmamkers Forum. Which eventually evolved into the communities above. I don’t know why I’ve […]

Oh my God Canon!

  Dear CanonI’m not sure if you realize it yet or not, but by releasing your 7D camera today, you are going to completely rock the low budget movie industry. Even Hollywood professionals were beginning to check out your 5D mark II camera, but it only did 30p (30 frames per second) and lacked the […]

FX Tests

Just messing around. These are two rudimentary FX tests I did. The first one on Monday night and the second one tonight. The next film I’m making will have more visual effects. All the films I’ve made prior never really did. But the last film I made was in 2006 and I’ve learned a lot […]