Abstract God

Years ago I watched the audio commentary on the Blade DVD and the filmmakers were talking about the end fight scene in the movie. They said that originally they turned the character Deacon Frost into a big computer generated blob which Blade proceeded to fight. But test audiences didn’t like it. They became detached from […]

Pray Silent – CQ#9

Does God hear your prayers if they are not spoken outloud? If the answer is yes, how does God distinguish which is a prayer and which is not? Obviously you can talk to God anytime you want, but stop yourself from thinking something bad or saying something bad in your mind. What if you accidentally […]

Can God Destroy? CQ#5

In my continuing series of honest questions to Christians, I give you question number 5. Can God truly destroy something? Let me preface this question with some logic. If God, the creator of all things who exists outside of time and space is capable of creating all things. Can God also destroy all things to […]

Where does God… CQ#4

In my continuing series of honest questions for Christians, I present you with question number 4 Where does God come from? Some say God always existed. Atheists debate that one could easily say the same thing about our universe. If God is a being rather then an environment then God would need to exist in […]

Is God all knowing? CQ#3

In my continuing series of questions about Christianity, here is my third. PastorSZ said something interesting in one of their replies to my first question. It was: “Omniscience has come to mean “knows everything,” which is not entirely the case, since God has chosen not to know certain things.  On the other hand, the more accurately […]

Christianity Question #2

How should people view God’s messages in the bible? Let me explain. I’m starting to look at Christianity from a different point of view. When I was younger I often viewed all of this as “God demands this of you or else!” Now I’m starting to look at it from the point of view of […]