Success Story – Overcoming eating disorders

I don’t know how I ever came upon this topic in general, but it all started when I touched on it with my entry
“Teenage girls are fucking stupid these days”
Then it sort of blossomed.

I found this image, showing a young women who had an eating disorder, stopped, got heavier and then worked it all off the right way, with proper diet and exercise. Not by starving herself or taking pills or basically doing her body harm, but by going about it the right way and building muscle in the process.

There are a lot of women out there that seem to think that building muscle is a bad thing. I think they see these women who are big body builders, that look like men and it turns them off. But to get to that would take a long time, many years and really hard work. So they really don’t need to be scared they are going to turn into Schwarzenegger overnight if they pick up a barbell. I can understand the fear, I’m not a big fan of women who are “that” muscular. But the average girl doing light weight lifting and cardio is going to come out looking super sexy without overdoing it and becoming a muscle man.

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  1. Yay for her. Proper exercise does wonders. More than I ever thought it would. I’ve never had a problem with dieting or eating disorders, but running especially has changed my life and my body for the better.

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