Subversion and some thoughts

It’s been a long time since I used subversion and I’ve never used a mac client for it. So it’s been a tiny bit of a learning curve but not nearly as difficult as git has been for me to understand.

So now we’re up and running on subversion.

We also added a jquery developer to our team. He’s working on some of our cool interface stuff.

Now there are three of us building this out.

I showed the site to a few people I was working with on Friday. All of them had a lot of great things to say about it and were excited to use it.

One of the quotes I especially liked was:

“if there is anything that could make a dent in facebook, it’s going to have to be something just like is, probably this”

Every so often you get a little down. You wonder if what you’ve been spending all your time on is really going to matter.
Thoughts like “when we launch this, will anyone use it, will anyone care?”
Then of course there is the threat of people developing other competing websites. Suddenly it feels like a race to get it out there before they get their’s on the web.

But then I step back, I hear all the positive feedback we get from people who have seen it and I say to myself “just make it great and people will use it.”

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