Stupid Lyrics

There is this song on the radio by “Ke$ha” called Tik Tok which has these lines in it

Now, the dudes are lining up cause they hear we got swagger
But we kick em to the curb unless they look like
Mick Jagger

I hate this line because it just screams “We have to find something that rhymes”

I just can’t believe that a 22 year old girl would be using Mick Jagger as the gold standard by which to hold guys her age up to for measurement. Mick Jagger who is 66 years old, three times her age and easily old enough to be her grandfather is not a sex symbol. Even in his youth the guy was pretty goofy looking. Talented, but goofy looking all the same.

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  1. “Ke$sha” is living proof that valley girls and rappers are non-intersecting circles in the Venn diagram of life.

    However, you should check out “Smack that” by Akon before making a post on stupid lyrics :p

  2. The best way to find good music is to avoid everything on the top 100. Maybe the top 500. There is the occasional freak accident where something genuinely good gets through but mostly it’s complete shit that people like to listen to because they don’t know what real music is. I mean, I’m all for liking whatever music you want, I’ll occasionally listen to something real real bad because it’s so perky. But really. I know some people who say if you want to know what they listen to look at the top ten songs on itunes. They don’t even know the names of the artists. It’s sad. Expand your tastes! I don’t like supporting people who are just out there to make fun of real hard working and talented artists.

  3. @ooh_dazzle_me – Yes but at some point we have to hold these people accountable for the intelligence of their lyrics. They will be millionaires after all. They should at least make sure their stuff is quality, rather then just catchy. 

  4. that’s what i thought too. i thought it meant ‘we kick them to the curb unless they are ugly.’ but that didn’t make sense…. unless they play like mick jagger, unless they rock like mick jagger, these would be better lyrics! see, i just improved the song!

    Now, the dudes are lining up cause they hear we got swagger
    But we kick em to the curb unless they ROCK like
    Mick Jagger

    that’s better.

  5. There is a song that I hear a lot on the radio that has some HORRIBLE grammer!  I don’t know who sings it or any of the lyrics (I change the station when I hear this song), but the girl says “gotted me what I wanted”.  That drives me up the wall.  It’s almost as bad as finger nails down a chalk board!

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