String Bikini Briefs

Last weekend my girlfriend and I were out shopping, I needed to get some shorts and some short sleeve button up shirts for work. While we were there I decided to get some underwear as well. I decided I would try something different, so I picked up some string bikini briefs. Lately I’ve had a  bit of an underwear fetish. Not all that unlike women wandering into Victoria’s Secret or Aerie to find some sexy bottoms. But underwear stores like those don’t exist for guys. Because apparently guys aren’t supposed to be sexy in underwear. So we’re stuck with whatever we can find at regular clothing stores.

This is sort of what they look like

Anyway. I used to wear boxers many many years ago. But boxers are so fucking boring and provide no support at all. Your johnson just flaps all about. You might as well not wear any underwear (which is an option) so I don’t like them at all. For many years now I’ve been wearing boxer briefs and I still like them. But lately if I’m going to wear boxer briefs they have to be tight spandex and short. Almost like boy shorts for girls…. but for boys. Go figure. :) I’ve also been wearing regular low rise briefs. Not tighty whities. No. Tighty whities just don’t look very good in my opinion. Not to mention that little door thing they have is really no help. It’s even more difficult to get my penis out of there then to just pull them down. I like the colored briefs, maybe even with a pattern on them or stripes.

So I’m kinda digging these string bikini briefs. They’re so light weight, they look tight but they don’t feel tight, they hold the junk well and they make me feel kinda sexy. lol

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  1. Is it a thong or is there a back for it? Cuz if there’s a string that goes up your ass then that’s just not for me.

    I do love tight little boxer briefs on a guy tho. Especially if they have the bod for it.

    I think you need to show us a picture of you wearing these string bikini things.

  2. I think the men’s boxer shorts are hot. not like the boxer briefs where the fabric is still loose in the crotch area but uh, tight fitting spandex men shorts. I’ve seen a guy on xanga wear men shorts and it also had see through fabric and it was short shorts so his junk almost couldn’t be contained in them lol not sure if he wants to be called out so I’m not naming him

  3. My bro love to wear this string bikini before, black color tho…not sexy red. The first time he wore it, he paraded himself to show it to us his three sisters with boisterous laughter. Thought he subtly turned gay. We got envy, anyway. Never thought men has this sexy underwear to wear too.

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