Straddle Toilet

So as a man I wake up in the morning sometimes where I linger in that state between sleep and awake. Like most guys, many of those mornings include a raging hard-on accompanied by some sexual thoughts that seems to appear from the ether.

This morning was no different. I lay in bed only to be visited by a strange concept for something my mind told me was a straddle toilet. A what!? Followed by images of women in nightclubs visiting the restroom together and joining each other in the stalls to sit down on an elongated toilet straddling each other front to back.


This is absolutely ridiculous and I’m laughing even typing it out, but it’s also pretty kinky.

I guess my logical engineering male sex mind decided this was a good idea. Because so many women run off to pee together and so many have to wait in line at busy nightclubs for their chance to get in a stall. Once they do they chit chat between stalls. But if you can double up in each stall you can save space and time. Seeing as you’re already pretty wasted by that point of the night, it’s not difficult to let go of your inhibitions and straddle your BFF while the two of you pee.

Why my mind goes in these directions I don’t know.


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