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  1. I love it…

    I’m writing a young adult’s novel that falls into the Steam category. It’s called “The Intention Invention…” :)

  2. @roxics – I will let you know if it’s something that I ever come back around to… It’s more of a “childrens” book but with more adult themes I guess? I don’t know something in the realm of the goonies, etc.

  3. I completely agree!  Steampunk is hot.  My best friend Jamie makes steampunk jewelry :)  Once hubby gets his job going I am buying a bunch of it.

  4. I’m part of the SP scene in Chicago.  It’s a really fun community :) We’ve got “poetry brothels” which are a bit more neo-Victorian/Weird West, club events with anachronistic and gypsy-punk performances like Hellblinki, Frenchy and the Punk, and so forth, less formal “invasion” gatherings (that’s what I run), and so forth.  I urge you to delve deeper… there’s more than just a (really fantastic) fashion aesthetic.  Quite an imaginative world out there!

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