Stealth Penis

I’m going to ask you a very personal question because I wanna know!!
I don’t typically ask guys questions about their penis and it’s typically not cool to mention your size. But I’m going to give you both that right and that excuse here on this very post.

See, I have this thing. it concerns me. When I’m not hard I feel very small. I don’t have a very big package when it’s in what I’ve come to refer to as “stealth mode.” Actually my girlfriend gave me that name. Because she told me one day that I have a very stealth penis. When I wear most jeans I don’t show a bulge. However when I get aroused I grow like a motherfucker.

Anyway… I’m a decent 7-8″ at full power. Decent girth. I measured once but I forgot. Either way I hurt girls sometimes and that isn’t cool. But what bothers me is that some guys do have the bulge going, but when it’s time to play ball, they really don’t grow that much and can end up smaller than me. What gives?

Are there other guys that have my problem? Are you plagued by stealth penis syndrome?


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  1. My boyfriend has this “issue”.  He’d kill me for publicly saying it, but… you don’t know us. Haha..

    I think as long as you satisfy your woman, size shouldn’t be an issue, but I know men have concerns. My bf does… and I’ve proven to him that I’m happy. So.. now he’s happy.

  2. the penis actually grows to 100x it’s normal size so I suppose a “stealth” penis is ok. In truth, mine does the same thing. Raging boner that could split a lady in half. Stealth mode where it barely makes an inch. >.>

  3. I don’t know because I have a vag. I remember my one teacher had the biggest bulge ever because he had this ginormous sack. It was pretty disturbing when he puts his leg up on a desk like he’s showing us his ginormous balls. The End.

  4. Isn’t this the whole “I’m a grower, not a shower” thing?  Some guys, the penis length doesn’t change much from flaccid to erect, others change greatly.  Boyfriend’s is like that too.  I don’t think it’s a problem. 

  5. I laughed reading your blog.  Sorry!  I know I wasn’t meant to.

    What you described isn’t a problem…. afterall it’s the end product that counts.   lol

  6. If it gets the job done, I don’t care. Hey it takes all kinds… more important that you know what to do with it. I don’t know about other ladies but I’m not visual like that about that area, in fact it’s generally kind of ugly to me unless I’m in love with the guy. Just matters that its there at the moment of truth. Who cares what it looks like when its flaccid?

  7. I’m the same way. At the college I attend I’m too embarrased to go strutting around naked like all the other guys do, so I’ve become a never-nude to them. But when the soldier stands to attention I’m not small at all. Not huge, but slightly larger than average (which is 6 in. for caucasians, I think).

  8. Stealth mode? I’ve never thought of it like that… floppy mode perhaps, lol.

    I’ve never really considered it a problem that it’s… “small” when it’s small. I mean, isn’t it the full length that matters in the end? I’m about 3 or 4 when small but 8.5-9 when full. The problem is I get these semi-erections at times that are like, 6. It’s only annoying when I’m trying to get it up and it’s stuck half-banana.

    I dunno, but I wouldn’t worry about it. If your lady enjoys what you’ve got, and you can play air guitar on it… then you’re a happy dude.

  9. My boyfriend has that “problem,” which honestly isn’t one. I loved the surprise (the first time) of seeing it grow so much… still do! And any girl who doesn’t sleep with ya just because she’s looking for a bulge is an idiot…obviously!

  10. There are two types: growers and showers.  Showers are pretty much in “big head mode” most of the time.  But when it’s game time, they only slightly get bigger.  Growers are in “stealth mode” most of the time.  When it’s game time, they can grow more than 2 times their “stealth mode” size.

  11. Oh wow
    Me too. I honestly had no idea this was common [or, I dunno, I guess happens?]. Erect, I wouldn’t say I was small [in fact, I’ve been told otherwise] but I simply don’t let anyone see me un-erect [not that I let many people see me regardless XD] because it’s kind of… weird?
    EDIT: What the hell Xanga, why am I talking about my penis size at all?

  12. @stupid_systemus – Ditto.

    @raiderjester – Haha yeah I hate those too, I usually call it being half-hard…annoying.

    Stealth mode is pretty common, just like barely growers are pretty common.  The crazy ones are the ones who are big when in stealth mode and grow to ridiculous sizes…but that’s a different subject.

    I’m a stealth one too.  I used to think it was cool, then I used to worry what would happen if someone ever walked in on me.  Then I stopped caring either way.  Plus I think when you get older the stealthness kinda calms down? Or something, least for me it has a bit.  But would you really want a bulge? Just think about how annoying it is when you’re hard and wearing jeans already, now imagine having a bulge 24 hours a day no matter what, no thanks.

  13. I LOL’D at “Stealth Penis” once I realized what you meant.

    My husband is the same way. If it’s cold, the thing damn near disappears and all he’s got are little shrunken balls hanging there. In normal temps he’s got nice balls but it’s little… I remember the first time I finally got to watch it actually grow and was like “WHOA, where did THAT come from?!?! That’s some STRETCHY skin!”

    In all honesty, until this post, I never knew that UNaroused package size was a concern for guys. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever even thought about it but now I probably will. I hope I don’t end up checking out every male crotch that walks by now! If I ever get accused of being an ogling perv I know who to blame. :P

    Someone said you’re one of their favorite sex bloggers. I think that goes for me too. I never ceased to be amused.

  14. im afflicted also, im only about three inches soft but full erection is over seven and quite thick, and i would have to agree with above, the women like the suprise at the end

  15. I have a different kind of problem, I often buy jeans that don’t fit me properly and wear a belt. It’s only a little loose round the waist cuz im built all odd. BUT because of the baggy jeans and belt pulled tight, it gives me a buldge. I’m not aiming for this, and when hanging with my friends they often go “ew man calm that shit down!”

    T_T. But, i wasn’t excited at all. *le sigh*
    damn genetics, yous scary.

  16. I don’t want to committ Xanga suicide here, but seriously, size does matter.  If a guy is too small in length and girth, there is NO possible way (physically) that the penis will hit a woman’s g-spot!  I’m sorry, but we have to be truthful here.  A guy with that small of a penis should be with a small woman!

  17. I like growers. It’s mostly for the selfish reason of making me feel hotter. It’s like “Whoa, my nakedness just made it double in size.” *Insert crazy sex.* If it doesn’t change much, I don’t get as excited. It’s a power trip for me, I  guess.

  18. Since it’s all about blood flow, and it’s the end result that matters, who cares what the little turtle does when it’s chillin’ ? I’ve never noticed that many men with apparent bulges, and when I do I often just suppose they’re sporting a woody…if not a halfy. Most women are well aware of this fact, just like we all know about the comical effects of cold water and kneeing a guy in the groin…comical for us that is…so I can’t see it as a problem. Besides if stealth bombers are cool…

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