Squeezin the juice

So yeah my weekend was productive. I decided that among the many businesses I’m starting, the other two being my social media company and eventually my own clothing line,  I’m going to start making my own smoke juice. If it’s any good I’m going to bottle it and sell it.

I picked up some supplies this weekend. Some flavorings and base liquid. But I still have to order some nicotine liquid. I started mixing a little bit. I made a couple of tester batches. One was watermelon and wintergreen. The wintergreen tastes like I was smoking an altoid. It was a little strong but kind of breath freshening. lol

I have to get a lot more flavoring along with my nicotine order. I don’t want to just make fruit flavors. I’m most interested in tobacco flavors with a little fruit or mint or vanilla blended in.

For the past couple of days I’ve been vaping Spiced Apple Cider which is just awesome. Everyone who I’ve let try it agrees with me. Good stuff. I didn’t make it but I’d like to learn how to replicate it. Maybe put my own spin on it.

Money is getting a little tight with Christmas so I may have to wait until after the new year to order mixing supplies. I guess I’ll experiment with what I have until then. But so far I’m learning a lot.

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