Sorry folks

A couple of people have pointed this out to me, which honestly I find kinda strange. But apparently I never told anyone what happened with my girlfriend and I. I didn’t realize so many people were concerned. lol
Anyway yeah, several months ago we broke up for a few days but we patched thing up and have been fine since. I love my girlfriend. We have our issues here and there like any couple, but we always manage to work through them.

Understand that after my divorce nearly three years ago I wasn’t expecting to find someone like her so soon. Truth be told I haven’t been single much in my life since 16 years old. Maybe a total of two years spread out over the last 15 years. I’ve been in three long term relationships, the first one which destroyed me when it ended, the second one which was a marriage and just sort of mutually dissolved, lets just say we stayed together because of the kid for longer than we should have. Melissa, my current girlfriend being the third.

As a guy I can be stupid sometimes. I never went to college, I never screwed around with a bunch of girls, never had casual sex, I’ve never even went on a date that didn’t turn into a long term relationship. Every once in a great while I have a little crisis. I look at my life and say “Damn, I’m 31 years old, there are all these really sexy women running around and people who have been with tons of people. People who have fuck buddies, threesomes, casual sex and so on. Meanwhile I can count all the women I’ve been with on just under two hands.” I know it probably sounds stupid and it is. I’ve got it good. I surround myself with people who care about me and who I care about. But every once in a while I look at my life and wonder what it would be like if I weren’t such a good guy. Then I let it get a hold of me and I do something stupid like break up with my girlfriend who I really care about. But then I realize I’m not a player, I’m not that guy.

So anyway, yeah it was my fault and I came to my senses. 

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  1. Silly man! You’re a rare type! So many guys just want to fuck around or fuck as many girls as they can. I don’t see the point in meaningless sex with people, but that’s me and I don’t knock anyone else.

    Hopefully, things work out in the long run for you and your girlfriend. (:


  2. Oooh, I didn’t know, makes sense now. There is so much to want and to do in the world that sometimes the hardest thing can be to see what you already have and realize it’s just enough.

  3. @roxics – lol. yeah, but guys want different girls. if you are good at what you do, you can do everything with the same person and still have it been amazing five years down the road. that’s just the way i see it.

  4. Sounds like you’re both very lucky you have each other. Sex with love will always trump loveless sex. Maybe there really isn’t anything missing.  (In any event, you could always pay for a threesome …or try craigs list … in my metro you find anything free! There wouldn’t be much of a difference in terms of having that experience with someone you meet at a party.  BTW, it seems like you want to try it more than really “need” it….it will probably be like trying a drug and finding it’s not for you)  And yes, of course, we care!

    Just checked craigs list: yesterday there were 43 new New York ads for WM4W under “casual encounters!” You are not alone in the world!

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