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Some of you here are interested in what we’re doing at SocialMore. So I figured I’d give you some updates. 

For several months my partner and I had trouble finding time to work on the site. But that’s over now. We’re now on a weekly working schedule. So every week you’ll see updates to the site. Things are coming along nicely. By the end of next week we’ll be at what I call “Twitter Level.” Where SocialMore will contain similar functionality as Twitter. 


This week we’re working on profile photo uploading and comments. Comments are almost done. We also added line breaks to status updates. Small but helpful. At this point status updates can be 2000 characters long, so you can literally write blog entries as status updates. It won’t always be this way. Eventually we’ll drop the limit to 240 characters once we have our blogging engine in place. 

Here is our current timeline (the order of this may change as issues are discovered)

Profile photos and comments = this week
Page navigation and control panel = next week
Friends Groups (ability to organize your friends into groups for posting permissions) = week three and four, possibly week five (big job)
Password recovery and account details = week five 
Blogging = week six
New / Links = week seven
Photo engine = week eight and nine
Art engine = week ten

By the end of the summer we should be in really good shape so long as everything moves smoothly. This fall we’ll get into the really fun stuff like communities, events, page customizing and so on.









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  1. Did you guys come up with the idea for this as an alternative to Xanga?  Just curious…  Lots of people have talked about stuff like that because of how horrible posts get butchered by the Xanga and -ish editors, and how the site is constantly having problems.

  2. @firetyger – SocialMore is actually its own thing. We’ve borrowed ideas from facebook, xanga, livejournal, deviantart, etsy, ebay, twitter, reddit and others and combined them into one site with some original ideas that none of the others do.  

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