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Things have been rough. I’ll just put that out there first. Matt turned out to be really flakey. I mean really flakey. Basically he disappeared off the face of the earth for a week and didn’t return calls or emails from anyone, including friends or work. When he finally showed up again he got fired from his job and told me he wanted to meet up with me but then never got back to me. Completely ignored me. Finally he got a hold of me and made plans to meet up. Then he never showed up or returned calls again. I said enough is enough and it took me three weeks but I got him out of the company completely.

So where does that leave us. While I have a meeting with a new guy this weekend. I’ve known this guy for 8 years and we’ve worked together before. In fact he was on of my actors on my feature film “Falling.Apart.” We’ve stayed in touch over the years and done a few other things together. So he’s dependable. I had no idea he had the skills I needed until he responded to something I wrote. So it’s just sort of worked out. Fate you could say. Turns out he also bought a house about a mile and half away from where I live so he’s be pretty close.

Also Dan is a very close friend of mine. I’ve known him for 16 years and he’s an advertising major with straight A’s deans list. He’s coming on board to help us do our advertising. Selling ads.

So what begin as a bad situation has turned itself around for the better. The only set back is that SocialMore is going to take a little longer to get off the ground. Rather than launching our public beta next month, it’s probably gong to be closer to December. Just because of the setback of switching out the team.

But I’m more confident than I have been. This new team is A+ It’s going to be an awesome website. I’ll definitely keep you all updated as things go.   

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  1. @TheTheologiansCafe – I’d love to hear them. Always open to ideas. We’ve already got a few methods being built into place to get the word out but the more the merrier.

    Just to clarify though. Dan is coming on to sell ads on our website. Not necessarily to market our website. Although I can give him that job easily. lol

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