SocialMore to compete with Facebook

I’m building a new social network with my partner. is designed to be an alternative to Facebook. Our goal isn’t to try and beat facebook or anything like that. In fact a lot of people have said “you’re crazy, facebook is huge, how can you compete?” I think the simple answer is, facebook is not the end. It’s not as if the world ends tomorrow and facebook is declared the winner. Clearly there is a lot of room for new sites in the social networking space. But very few people have the vision to see that. Everyone else is building niche social networks so as not to compete with facebook out of fear that they don’t stand a chance. We on the other hand believe we have some good and interesting features that offer something facebook doesn’t.

Our goal is to launch the beta of by the end of the year at the latest. It will take some time to make sure everything is in tip top shape and to weed out what works and what doesn’t work. We’ll be running a private beta before we go public with it. Hopefully that will begin this fall.

This is a very exciting project with a lot of promise. Stay tuned for more information. Both here and at

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  1. It will be international from the start, it just won’t support more than English to begin with. We’d like to add more languages over time as we go.

    BTW we go into alpha testing with a group of about 30 peoples or so by the beginning of next week. So progress is good.

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