So there is this guy

This guy I work with. He’s a little younger then me, an intern from Russia. Every other day he walks around wearing a polo shirt with a popped collar. I mean that fucker is sticking straight up ridiculous. I’m so temped to pull him to the side and say

“Hey listen, if you want people to think you’re a douche-bag, by all means continue doing what you’re doing, but otherwise, put that shit down”

But hey who am I to tell people what they should wear or how they wear it right? I mean I was a little suspicious of the guy when he first showed up with this sort of rat tail mullet thing going on. Luckily that seems to have disappeared. He seems like a nice guy, pretty quiet, skinny, a little on the shorter side. Well short compared to me anyway. Maybe he just doesn’t understand the language and that’s why he doesn’t say much. But I think he thinks he’s some kind of ladies man. I really can’t help but think he’s a little ridiculous.

Or maybe I’m just out of touch. I know I would feel like a huge dick actually saying that to him. 


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  1. Lol, the popped collar is hilarious. I had a homeschool friend of mine in a Spanish class, his mom would drop him off, he would pop his collar, and then before she picked him up he would fold it back down. I was thinking, “Dude, you look so stupid!”

  2. I hate that trend. But like you said, I’m not here to judge other people’s appearances. They can wear what they want.

    … No matter how much it makes them look like a total dickweed.

  3. Well, if he’s not familiar with the culture, this intern may be thinking that the popped collar is “trendy” and “hip”- I don’t think he either a) knows the connotation the popped collar carries, or b) thinks he’s a playa and he really is a douche-bag.

  4. The Russian guys I’ve met all think their ladies’ men.  Now granted, I’ve only met two or three, but two of those definitely asked to have sex with them inside of an hour of meeting them.  One asked via translator…

  5. @Undercover_Librarian – Lol, that’s even funnier. Who was he trying to impress?

    @desertrose2890 – I hope so, but then I think those Russians are a little behind us.

    @AibellFaeire – Oh I’ll totally judge them lol. I just probably won’t say anything because I’m too nice of a guy.

    @bookmuncher – I’m going to go for B. lol

    @crystal_air – Yeah I will and the whole time I’ll be secretly laughing about it. muhahah (that’s my best evil laugh)

    @ChocolatMenier – Wow! Either they’ve got huge balls or you’re super hot. Or both.

  6. @roxics – wow…sorry about the seriously horrendous use of grammar above.  Good job for figuring out what the hell I was trying to say.

    I’m not sure which it is.  As American men don’t respond to me that way, I’d either have to say they were ballsy, or tall redheads really do it for the Russians.

  7. @ChocolatMenier – Same here. All the Russians (males) I know are what American girls call ‘pervs’ and seem to have only one thing on their minds. And (again from personal observation) they do seem to have a thing for redheads. lol

  8. @crystal_air – well…my memory of it wasn’t that they were necessarily pervs, though the potentional was definitely there.  One tried to wine and dine me, but I knew something was up when the translator ( a mutual friend) kept refusing to tell me what he was trying to say.  The other was drunk and just straight up asked me to have sex with him, immediately, during the party.  I laughed and declined.

    Rock on!  At least someone likes redheads

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