So much death

Whenever I watch one of these war movies, no matter what period it takes place, I’m always aware of all the death. We’ve grown so used to seeing such slaughter on our screens as entertainment. But I can’t help wondering what the story is behind each and every “extra” that dies.

In a way, movies are so shallow in that they only show us that glimpse of each “insignificant” character as they charge into battle and take a quick death at the hands of their enemy. Yet we never ask to inquire about their lives. We never think to ourselves that at one point they were children with dreams of their own no matter how big or how small.

These are only movies. In movies these characters have no back story. But in reality, in real war, they do. In real war each and every one of them is like a main character in a tv sereis that we’ve watched for ten seasons. A character that suddenly comes to their bloody end in an instant. No slow motion. Not a set of others off to the sides screaming “noooooo” as they fall to the ground. Just an unceremonious ending within seconds.

And the world moves on.

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  1. yes, and this is how the media desensitizes us to death and the pain of others… since we don’t see it and they’re not main characters in our eyes (not enough developed roles- strangers) then we don’t care as much. very sad… 

  2. I think the best war movies do make attempts to show how there are epic stories behind every peripheral character. But even main characters are reduced to a two-hour treatment, which isn’t a whole lot considering the scope of a life.

  3. I wonder if movies do more to contribute to the desensitizing of people in regards to violence than video games do. Movies are certainly more mainstream and visible to a wider group of people.

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