Smelling his underwear

I’ve had girls go out of their way to smell my underwear. Even admit to using a forgotton pair to help themselves rub one off. Yes guys, apparently chicks aren’t all that different then guys.

Ladies I doubt if you’ve done this that you’ll admit to it here. So instead I’ll ask you all, does this surprise you?

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0 thoughts on “Smelling his underwear

  1. yeah, a little I guess.

    Hey, you seem like an open minded guy. can you do this for me?

    go to my blog ‘got balz’ and send me a photo.  it’s for the cause of testicular cancer.  I’ll come right back with a link.

  2. That is strange. I will smell my boyfriend’s shirts, but not his underwear. I know what sweaty balls smell like from having them in my face – why would I want that smell without the added bonus of real genitals?

  3. Yes.  Very much so, actually.

    By the way, you sort of resemble DMV in your picture.  And trust me – it’s a compliment.
    However, I find you much more attractive than him.

  4. This doesn’t surprise me.
    Women are just as bad, if not worse than men.

    Men just tend to get caught more often and are usually more open.
    Silly boys! lol

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