Smarter men have more sperm.

This is a pretty interesting study.

“Women tend to like smart men because they’re usually more successful and better providers. But here’s another reason: Their sperm is better, a new study says. The smarter the men were, the more sperm they produced and the better their wee ones swam — and it didn’t matter how old the men were or whether they smoked, drank or were obese.”

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  1. Smarter guys, good sperm or bad sperm. What really matters is that after sex they are still worth having around.

    I wonder what the genetic correlation between intelligence and vigorous sperm is, if not general health

  2. @LadyAsianInvasion – lol, yeah that would be logical, except if you get a dumb one that gets you pregnant, then you’re screwed in more ways then one. :)

    @ijustneedhim – Well at least you’ll both be thinking about the same thing then. You know us guys, sex on the brain 24/7. Or so they say.

    @purplepixiepoo – Yeah, there’ a bit of an ego boost that comes with a headline like that. I can tell you from personal experience this study is true. Although that makes me sound arrogant.

    @trunthepaige – This is true, just because they’re smarter doesn’t mean they’re better. I’m curous myself about that link. But just to take a guess, from an evolutionary standpoint it makes sense. The smarter someone is the more capable they are of dealing with the world and surviving. So evolution would have seen this as a good thing and deemed smarter men more offspring worthy. General health is pretty general, there are a lot of dumb jocks out there that are healthy because that’s all they know, which doesn’t necessarily mean better equipt for survival. Human beings rule the earth not because we are the biggest and strongest, but because we are the most intelligent.

    @TakingxOverxMe – Yes it is.

  3. @roxics – Damnit! there is just no winning!!! ugh! fuck it..i’ll just stay on the pill, and make sure my bf smokes weed to kill his sperm count. wait…i don’t think weed does that at all…*sigh* pull out and pill..the two p’s. lol.

  4. If this is true (and it must be, since I’m brilliant and have three children), why is it that the stupid people of the world are breeding like rats while the intelligent, educated people are having fewer and fewer children each generation? 

  5. Too bad smart people also tend to have fewer babies.  Having better sperm isn’t really an advantage when you’re breeding less than the moron down the block who has as many kids as IQ points.

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