Small breasted women illegal?

This article talks about new laws in Australia where pornography featuring small breasted women can be deemed illegal. My question is, who judges this stuff?

Basically the idea is to curb child pornography and even goes after women who look too young. In other words the woman could be in her twenties but look like she’s under 18 (one of those factors being her small breasts) and hence it would be deemed illegal.

What do you think? Is this going too far? 

Here is a great comment I copied from one of the people who commented on that article:

ugh. Isn’t it bad enough that those of us who are tiny have to deal with feeling inadequate. Now we are told that men who find us pretty are pedophiles.

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  1. Being averagely endowed, I still agree with the commentator.  Sure, maybe SOME of the people who are attracted to the younger looking women MAY be pedophiles, but seriously, I don’t think that’s going to stop it.  That’s putting a HUGE stereo type on things and once again categorizing women and putting more strain on their self confidence. 

    Porn is supposed to appeal to many people and their likes, so taking a certain body type out is almost like telling people this is the only thing that is attractive and appealing.  I think it’s going too far.

  2. Aha, well this is embarrassing but I saw the title in my inbox, grabbed my chest and went NOOO00O0O00 YOU CAN’T MAKE ME ILLEGAL!!!!1!11

    Does this make my boyfriend a creepy pedophile?  No more than it makes me 12.  Not all of us were given great, giant, bouncing bazoongas and we should not be punished for that any more than the torture of our daily lives, thankyouveryMUCH.

  3. I agree with Dan about their motive being to stop under age porn and stop encouraging pedophiles with “barely legal” porn where the women look like they could be teenagers or younger.

    On a more sarcastic note, if this were a law, and I wanted to do porn I wouldn’t have been able to do it until I was 28 or 29 when people finally stopped mistaking me for a teenager.  (Cops finally stopped asking me why I wasn’t in school).

  4. why not just ban porn altogether?
    why not illieglaize fashion mags and anime etc etc playing on the underage girls in thpse super short skirt, innocent eyes and yet so tauntingly sexy appeal?

    if they ban small breasts, they should ban skiiny women too, and waxed pubic hair

  5. I feel bad for the tiny boobs of the world, all the tiny boobs need to know that they are loved just as much as the big boobs. Regardless of the uncontrollable pedophile problem Australia seems to be having lmao

    Seriously though, a pedophile while in themselves a most vile creature are merely people with fetishes for children. A fetish is just an obsession with something normal or non-sexual, turned sexual and bizarre. Whatever a person sees as beautiful is not even remotely a fetish. To put it another way, the more you obsess on your own insecurities, the more abnormal and fetishistic it will seem when somebody likes you for who you are.    

  6. I think this is similar to the skinny models debate, where some naturally thin girls are restricted with their modelling career because some catwalks have a weight requirement. Well girls with small-ish breasts may be facing the same problem, not that i’m advocating the porn industry as a good career choice. But the principle (and perhaps descrimination) is the same.

  7. I think this is dumb…Ive known plenty of women under the age of 18 who had really large breasts, so I don’t really see how this would do all that much about child porn…

  8. @xLDN – agreed!!  And most 15-year-olds who already have d-cups still look like 15-year-olds.  And even with my tiny chest, I’m pretty sure I look at least 23… It’s more facial structure that differentiates a mature woman from a teenager than breast size.

  9. Thats stupid.  The quote is true.  You shouldn’t have to feel like then men you choose to be with are sick just because you look young or have small breasts.  As long as you are of age your fine.

  10. I’ve worn a 32F since I was like fifteen.

    I know women in their thirties who still can’t fill an A-cup.

    So this is utterly ridiculous. But at the same time, I find really small breasts to be extremely unattractive, so I’d be happy if I lived in Australia that I wouldn’t have to look at them quite as often.

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