Sitting here naked

It’s late and I’m at my girlfriends. She’s asleep behind me on the bed in only her panties and I sit here naked at her computer, unable to sleep. To be honest the reason I’m naked has nothing to do with sex. I have a fever and was trying to stay cool. I’ve been sick all weekend. It seems to be a curse of mine. I get paid a couple days before, I don’t have my son this weekend and it’s sweetest day. Sounds like a perfect weekend to go out and have some fun with my girl. But then I get sick, which ruins the weekend. Figures.

I just want another weekend like this, minus the sickness. Money in my pocket, no kids, a whole few days to just have a blast. I so miss that. I’m starting to think that life is against me. Whenever I seem to get a head a little bit, something pops up that brings me back down.

Oh well, I’m not going to go into it. Too much to list at this point and no one wants to read about somebody being sick and depressed right now.

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