Silly Virgins – Dicks are for Marriage

Lol, you know, some virgins just don’t seem to get it. I’m not someone who is all about saving yourself for marriage. You all know that. But that is someones choice.

What I don’t understand are these virgins who ride the line. These guys or girls who call themsevles virgins and say they are saving themselves for marriage but they are willing to do everything else sexually in the meantime. They are willing to perform or recieve oral sex, hand jobs, get totally naked and rub up against each other or whatever it might be.

Yes technically by definition they are virgins if they have never penetrated or been penetrated. But seriously, come on, who would consider their new wife or husband a virgin having known they did all these other things? I mean the point of saving yourself for marriage is to avoid ALL sexual contact with another person. You’re supposed to arrive at the marriage bed having never experienced sexual pleasure of any kind from another person at all. That’s the point!

What’s even more ridiculous are these girls who believe that having anal sex is ok, because they can still retain their virginity. I’m sorry. I lost my virginity having anal sex with a girl. I don’t buy that at all. Anal sex is penetration and if some guys dick is inside you, guess what, you aren’t a virgin anymore.

You think I would accept my new wife saying to me “I’m a virgin, but I did let a guy stick his dick in my ass”? No way. I’d be like sweetheart, you ain’t been a virgin since then. Same would be true if she told me she got completely naked and let a guy touch her all over, just not stick it in her.

Then there are these girls who go about “reclaiming their virginity” as if it never happened. Talk about fucking delusional. Get over it, you experienced it, you did it, just accept it. It’s not that bad.

Some people are really wacky. Face it, it’s either one or the other. Either you are sexually active, or you are saving yourself for marriage. You can’t have both.

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  1. Technically, they’re still virgins, but I’d say they were tainted.  Semi-used goods.

    Also, lost your virginity through anal sex?  Cool.

  2. True.

    Why do people even want to save themselves up for marriage when they are fucking around before, anyway?
    Where’s the point?

    Why is there a difference between having a boy’s tongue or his dick inside your vagina?

    People need more education…

  3. @SerenaDante - Sexual freedom is just humiliation of women by injuring their dignity and self-respect. And strange thing that many of them like to be sexually humiliated. Yeah, you never know what people will be like in the future.

  4. @Gabor777 - I’m sorry but that’s just bullshit. Sexual freedom is not humiliation of women, nor of men. Sexual freedom is the ability to recognize that we as human beings are sexual creatures and there is nothing wrong with that. 

    Hopefully the people of the future will discover, as we are now, that sex and nudity isn’t that big of a deal. It is part of who we have always been and attempting to control it is as ridiculous as attempting to nail jello to the wall.
    Rather then continue to contradict nature through silly religious concepts, we should learn to live in our nature.   

  5. This is why virginity is a stupid concept that should just go away entirely. What purpose does it serve anymore? It means so many things to different people. My experience has shown me that the moment which typically defines when the virginity has been lost tends to be very heteronormative because it always involves penetration in some form. If we were to go with penetration being the marker, than virginity becomes awfully blurry. For a lesbian couple, penetration could be with fingers or with sex toys, but that same act with a heterosexual couple or a male-male homosexual relationship might mean that the person’s virginity remains intact if they have not had another living person inside of them.

    That being said, I tend to agree with you on the Christian purity ring types who do everything but have intercourse. If you’re going for only having sexual experiences within a marriage (and if virginity is REALLY that big of a deal to you…), it seems to me that anything beyond kissing and hugging would not be acceptable. I didn’t consider myself de-virginized after I  had phone sex for the first time, or after touched a penis for the first time, or after I had oral sex for the first time (all of which were before I had full-blown intercourse), but there is no argueing that those were sexual experiences, and if you’re going for purity, than why not save those experiences for marriage too?

  6. @Gabor777 – Wow. Sexism disguised as pseudo concern for the welfare of women.  Gotta love that. Sexual freedom did not ruin the dignity or self-respect of women. My grandmother lived through the era when the comstock laws were still in effect, through the sexual revolution, women’s liberation, and through the backlash of the 80’s which has continued through the 90’s and a good bulk of this decade. I’ve heard horrible stories from her about those times, when women were forced to endure marital rape without any legal protection, when, if they tried to escape, they had to leave their children with the man who abused her, when they were barred access to reproductive healthcare services, when young girls died in backalleys getting illegal abortions because they had no access to birth control…and she will tell you, sexual freedom did not and does not ruin the dignity or self-respect of women. She tells me all the time how lucky I am to have grown up in an age where women have more sexual freedom. Women now have more self-respect and dignity around their sexuality because people who believe that sex is a disgusting act, who believe that a woman has less moral character if she chooses to enjoy her sexuality rather than be ashamed of it, are not given as much credence as they were 30 or 40 years ago.

    Is it only damaging to women according to your worldview or are men robbed of their dignity and self-respect too? Or would it just be too damned inconvenient if men had to be ashamed of their sexuality too? I really would like to know.

  7. @musterion99 – ok, i dont consider kissing sex either, but i think kissing is sexual…i dont know what to say for your answer, i guess you can include oral sex with sex then. i still say the girl would be a virgin though because i doubt oral would break the hymen…

  8. idiots. God knows what’s their point… You knwo there was this girl’s post featured and it said that she was guilty cuz in her culture having sex before marriage was a sin. And she did it thrice!!! WTF!!! and on top of it there was this comment on her post – dun worry we’ll pray and you’ll get your second virginity – wtf is that??? Once gone, it’s gone – it’s not a pencil that you can buy back. Ew. There are all sorts of idiots in the world. 

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