Showing Skin In Movies

Movies have a way of putting couples into weird positions and bedding into even weirder positions in order to block out the goodies. No, people don’t really have sex that way. So why do they do it this way? Well that’s simple, because some actor/actress doesn’t want to give it away. Either they’re embarrassed or just not comfortable or whatever.

Here’s my opinion. You’re young, you’re hot, hence the reason they even gave you a sex scene in the movie to begin with. So what’s the big deal? If you’ve been offered a chance to have your naked hot body photographed by a good cinematographer to be preserved for posterity, go for it. You’ll only going to get older and less attractive as time goes on. Don’t you want to be able to look back on how you used to look when you were young? What better way to do that then under good lighting and the careful skill of a master cinematographer?

What kind of gets me a little is when these actors/actresses refuse to show skin at an early age, like in their 18 to early 20’s but when they turn 30 or 35 and they then decide it’s not such a big deal anymore.
Well, it was never really a big deal. It’s not like what you have is all that different then at least 3 billion other people on this planet. Sure we’re all curious, we like that stuff, we want to see it. But even so it’s not that big of a deal to show it.

Anyway, that’s my take. What’s yours? 

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  1. i think because they are to be taken as “serious” actresses and actors. they feel like they do a great enough actiing job without having to show their naked body.

    i think everyone should be comfortable with their own body. but then again, if they aren’t up to it, they aren’t up to it and maybe they should leave the “naked” scene role movies to someone else who isn’t shy.


  2. I think a part of it deals with the fact that when their young, they are worried about how the public and their families would view them.  They don’t want to get a rap of being “whore-ish” or things like that.  Then, as they get older, they also mature in other ways, which is probably the reason they show themselves more. 

    I do agree with you to a point.  However if I were an actress, I think I would show just enough to keep them guessing all through my career.  Maybe a little nippage here or there, but never full frontal.  I like keeping a mystery.  I guess to each their own…

  3. I think some things are sacred and personal, and if they see their body that way, eh, more power to them. I applaud them for distinguishing their jobs from their personal lives.

  4. “You’re young, you’re hot, hence the reason they even gave you a sex scene in the movie….”
    Unless, of course, you happen to be Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction- then trust me: you’re just plain ugly….

  5. I used to think that sex by definition involved strategically placed bedsheets, when I was younger.   Sometimes it’s done quite naturally/tastefully, but you’re right, there are some scenes where it just looks super awkward/contrived.

    Think I agree with the first commenter –wouldn’t it be difficult to be taken seriously if you were just starting out as an actor/actress and you always had a nude scene in all of your movies?  I imagine you’d want to avoid being typecast or dismissed.  

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