Should public restrooms be unisex?

When you think about it, is there really a point in having separate restrooms for the genders? You’re pretty well sectioned off as it is with private stalls.

No where does this line get crossed more then at gay clubs. Where guys are in the girls bathrooms and vice versa. Back and forth. I’ve seen women at straight clubs go into the guys bathroom simply because the womens line was too long. I’m sure a unisex public restroom would make transgendered people feel better.

This concept has been brought up before in a few movies and shows. Ally McBeal had the people at the office using a unisex restroom. Do you remember the movie Starship Troopers with not only the unisex bathroom but unisex open showers on the military base.

What do you think? Should public restrooms go unisex? Would you have a problem using a unisex public restroom?

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  1. The thing that makes the guys not have to wait is there are no women and they can use the urinals.  The urinals would be out the window if it was unisex.  So men would have to wait.  I hate the idea.  Plus women always forget to put the seat back down.

  2. Eh, I don’t know. In the past I’ve used the lady’s room to get away from guys/random pervs in general. I don’t think I’d want that safety taken away. And I don’t really love the idea of young girls/children being in the same bathroom as possible pedophiles, because once you make unisex bathrooms it becomes a bigger possibility.

  3. I don’t think urinals would be out the window with unisex bathrooms.

    With the open multi-sexual culture we have, the main purpose of single-sex bathrooms is generally thwarted.  I, as a heterosexual, am not likely to escape to a men’s bathroom for a rendezvous with my wife(although I’ve seen it happen), but if we are as a society even half as accepting of the homosexual population as we claim, it seems we have certainly established a double standard.  I’ve talked this one over with friends, and also extended it to college roommates.  I knew a lesbian who roomed with her girlfriend for three years, and you’d best believe they pushed the twin beds together on occasion.  Should we make people sign a paper concerning their sexuality, and be card-carrying members?  If so, how many teenage guys would list themselves as gay for the sake of trying to room with an attractive female?

    There is really no way to keep the sexes separated without establishing some measure of double standard.  However, most estimates indicate that any any time the homosexual population is about 10% of the total population, so perhaps it’s just a game of numbers.

    In other news, I think women should have to leave the seat up if they want us to put it down.

  4. I, personally, would not be opposed to it, but I can see it opening up a lot of opportunities for perverts (particularly pedophiles) to spy on and otherwise sexually assault females.

  5. Interesting idea! I use the men’s bathroom if there’s a long line for the women’s. 

    The only problem is, I like to go to the bathroom and check on how I look… and typically I’m primping for a guy. So if he could easily walk in and see me, that would be embarrassing. 
    I also hid in the bathroom during middle school dances so that nobody would ask me to slow dance. I was afraid of slow dancing. LOL. 

  6. I’ve heard way too many horror stories about men’s bathrooms….seriously, poo on the floor?? Men don’t even wash their hands anywhere near as often as women do! X(

  7. No way. Others have already brought up the danger involved and that sometimes the bathroom is a place of safety… the women’s bathroom is like the one “safe place” in every public establishment in other ways too. It’s just different doing things you do in the bathroom when the opposite sex is around. There are things we women will do in front of one another that we won’t do in front of a guy unless maybe we’re married to him but sometimes not even then. Where would we do these things if the bathroom were unisex? Besides, I’ve used the women’s bathroom to take my clothes off (leaving undies on) to wash things out and use the dryer to dry them, meaning I would spend a good amount of time standing in the bathroom in my underwear. No way in hell would I be able to do that with men in there. I don’t care if a lesbian enjoys the sight of me in my underwear but I do care if a man ogles me.

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