Should men hit women back?

There seems to be a growing trend in society that women are above repercussion for their actions. Comedian Bill Burr makes this point in a couple of his skits where he says that a woman can get away with all kinds of things a man can’t. A woman can walk up to a man and slap him or punch him but if he hits her back he’s now got ten guys jumping on him, manginas in full force, yelling at him and beating him down. Not once considering for a moment that she started it and that she should be responsible for her own actions.

I’ve heard this referred to as man+. That some women and perhaps society as a whole have used the feminist movement to turn women into men+. Meaning they get all the benefits associated with females AND males, but none of the responsibility that men have to take for their actions. If a guy hits another guy he expects to be hit back. He takes this into consideration and it acts as a check for his actions. He has to weigh out the reprecussions of his actions. If a woman hits a guy, she does not expect to be hit back. Any guy who does hit her back will get labeled as abusive and face not just a beating from other guys who may witness the act, but also the court system as it’s bound to esculate more than just a simple fist fight between two guys. So even though the woman started it, she’ll walk away the winner every time simply because society always labels the men as the aggressors and abusers.

When you look at our society today you have a choir of men who will spout off “never hit a woman no matter what.” This stems from as an aggressive backlash from abusive husbands and men who take the initiative. Women do face abusive husbands, fathers, boyfriends, etc. It’s a real and serious problem. But nobody is ever chiming in to say “we’ve gone too far.” We’ve gone so far to the extreme opposite end that we’ve labled all men as abusive assholes who even touch a woman for their own self defense. We’ve turned women into these untouchable creatures who can do no wrong to a man. A man is supposed to just take it and suck it up. Sadly some women know this and abuse this. I’ve seen women get incredibly bitchy with men and threaten them by saying their boyfriends with beat them up. They completely dismiss all their own accountability when they do this. The expect to be able to just do as they please and then walk away unscathed.
That is not what we should be teaching our girls and boys.

Personally I do not promote hitting anyone ever. I avoid physical confrontation as much as possible. But if any adult hits me, I will hit them back. No matter their gender, political affiliation, disposition, etc. I do not believe that women should be given special treatment. I do not believe anyone should be given special treamtent. That’s what true equality is all about.

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