Should I sell my iPhone?

I’ve had my iphone for about 4 months now. I love it. It’s a great device. I’d my ipod, my portable computer, my always with me camera/video camera, my alarm clock and so much more. It works great, except for the phone part. I’m always getting dropped calls with AT&T. Way more than I ever got with Sprint.

My iPhone cost me $94 a month. It’s not unlimited everything but it fits my needs.

If I were to sell this baby right now, before the new iphone comes out next month, I could get $400-500 on ebay. I paid $200 for it. After I pay the $150 early termination fee to AT&T I would still walk away with $250-350 in pock I could then take to buy something like this:

An HTC (Sprint) Evo.

Bigger, higher res screen
Android with SenseUI
8MP camera with flash and HD (720p) video camera
Plus 4G data speeds which are said to be about as fast as a slower cable modem (but I don’t have 4g in my area till later this year or next year)

It’s tempting. Considering my new iphone I just got 4 months ago will soon be last years model compared to the new one and all these killer new android phones coming out.

Choices. Choices.

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  1. I love my iPhone, and I get great service, but it all depends on your area. If there aren’t good towers where you live with good signal, you might have to let it go

  2. Sell it!!!  If you can’t use it as a phone (which nobody in NYC, where  I live, can) it’s a worthless geek device.  Get whatever you love  with  phone service from Verizon  (works everywhere, as far as I can tell) or Sprint (if that works where you need it)

  3. The call issue is exactly why I haven’t switched.  I want reliable calls.  I’ve watched my co-worker drop so many calls, it’s not even funny.

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