0 thoughts on “Should Going Topless Be Legal?

  1. No, I don’t think it should be. Mainly ’cause the wrong people would go topless and the right people wouldn’t. :P

    If it were legal here, I wouldn’t anyway. Only certain people get to see my topless self.

  2. I don’t think so, I like to earn that view willingly. And some women would freak me out if they went around topless, and gross me out, as I’m sure my hair would freak them. Plus, I’d hate to get blase` about something that I love so much, which would happen if they were everywhere.

  3. Who wants to go topless in Ontario or New York?  That would be kind of chilly.

    I don’t see anything wrong with being allowed to go topless at a beach.  But I wouldn’t really want to see boobs hanging out in the grocery store or in a restaurant (I don’t want to see guys like that, either, because the ones who usually go around topless are the ones who really shouldn’t!).

  4. We do have beaches here in Ontario, lots of them in fact. And it isn’t always chilly here either.

    Going topless is something that women “don’t do” as opposed to something they “can’t do”.

    It is rare to see a topless woman, even in the hot summer.

  5. I wouldn’t myself, I think going topless would just be offering someone a view I wouldn’t want them seeing unless they knew me. 

    But more power to anyone who does. 

  6. @josiebunny - Yeah that’s the down side isn’t it, you have to be fair and let everyone do it if you make it legal. But then will most people? If I were a woman I’m not sure I would.

    @trebleclef402 - I’m kinda curious to know what places and what time you’ll be there. lol

    @Da__Vinci - I have to completely agree with you. I think there are times it might be nice. But all the time would be too much.
    @LadyLibellule - Yeah I think there would need to be certain places, like beaches. Technically a grocery store would still be a private business and not really public, but I know what you mean. 

    @la_faerie_joyeuse - And only if I can be a judge for that testing department. lol :)
    @Bricker59 -  I’m in Detroit myself so just 15 minutes away from Ontario. We get some really hot summers here. I kind of assumed the general consensus would be something like that. Even though it’s legal it would be really rare to see. I prefer that kind of law making. Let the people decide, most of the time they’ll do the right thing.

    @rainbowxoperatics - Yup I agree, if I were a women I would probably feel the same way. Honestly I kinda feel that way as a man, self confidence issues with my upper body being the key factor.

  7. I don’t think I could, but then again it gets really hot here during the summer. I would be concerned with what certain individuals would do with unrestricted access to those areas, and I definitely do not need to see grandma topless. 

  8. I feel like I would absolutely love to in certain areas, but I already get enough negative attention from guys having big boobs…. so, maybe not. I feel like in a beach setting or rural (or anywhere open and unpopulated) it wouldn’t be such a big problem. Unfortunately, now that it has been such a big deal to people for so long it would just be distracting to our daily activities. I know if I saw a man walking down the street naked with a giant cock, I would stare…. (just because I’m not very discrete)… So it might be just as equally awkward for women in an urban setting. I’ve never been shy about my body, but it’s not fun having men gawk just one aspect of you. It’s very uncomfortable actually…

  9. I think it should be completely legal.  I also don’t think many women would do it, at least not in most public places.  After all, it’s legal for men to be topless, but how many shirtless men do you see outside of a beach or maybe a game of basketball?  (Granted, I live outside of Chicago… maybe *ahem* other areas of the country are different.)  And men tend to be more secure about their appearance (for better or worse).

    Personally, as soon as I got rid of a little extra flab in the midsection, I probably would go topless.  I also don’t want to stare at a topless grandma, but I’m not going to tell her she can’t do it… after all, I don’t have to look at her! :)

  10. @roxics – ha, well I wouldn’t take that personally… it’s much easier for you to hide your deal… not saying that yours especially is.. I mean in general, the whole thing is easier to… eh, forget it you get me.

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