Should featured blogs and top blogs be the same?

I don’t really understand who at Xanga has the job of picking the featured blogs. But it seems to me that it should work just like the top blogs work, based on the popularity of the blog entry itself as voted on by other members. I’ve seen countless posts where Xanga gets a lot of crap for featuring certain blogs people don’t agree with, or not featuring certain blogs for whatever reason.

I’ll admit I’m one of those people that feels a little resentment. I’ve never been featured, but my entry Teenage Girls Are Fucking Stupid These Days did hold the number one spot on top blogs for about 36 hours straight. John of Xanga had seemed to go out of his way to say it was on top blogs but not featured. So Xanga was completely aware of it’s popularity but seemed against featuring it. Yet Xanga was willing to go out of it’s way to feature a blog about a guy who was fine with his wife wearing a certain middle eastern garment because of “insert five reasons to surpress a female here”.

Xanga is a blogging site, yet unlike most blogging sites it seems to like to push its opinions on its masses by way of featuring some blogs and not others as well as limiting the number of communities that exist. Now recently Xanga seems to be switching it’s tune when it comes to the community thing. It sounds like they are going to open it up to anyone who wants to create a community. Congrats Xanga, LiveJournal has only been doing this for the last nine years. But still, at least you’re willing to change that.

So the question is, should featured blogs disappear and be completely replaced by top blogs which are member voted rather then Xanga company voted?

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  1. That’s the way it was about 5 years ago.  But the same people kept popping up on the front page, creating much drama.

    Now with it split up, theteam has more control for variety on the main page, while top blogs and rec’d blogs are making sure there’s more of a chance people (not as well knowns) are seen.  And it’s working.

  2. The problem with this is that the only way to make top blogs is to have a million friends or get recommended to death. Now yes if a post is recommended over and over that would mean the community likes it and therefore it should probably be featured, but still, featured blogs are nice because it may be an unknow that wrote something really great. I have the privilege of making top blogs often but only because I’ve been here a year and have over 600 friends. Featured is nice for those who have a harder time making top blogs.

  3. Dan and John pick the featured content. They hold the magic button under their control.

    I don’t really focus on the front page, I pay more attention to top blogs because that’s what people are obviously interested in reading. I think the reason why they stay away from using top blogs as the featured content is because the same 5-6 spots would always be the same people.

    I do know there is an area within xanga where xangans can vote on what should be featured.

    check that link out.

  4. @edlives – @Simbathe2nd – Yeah but what happens when the Xanga team doesn’t seem to like you? Such as in my case. Then suddenly you don’t ever get featured. Even if you blog does run at the top of the list for a day and half and they decide not to feature it for whatever reason. Suddenly it’s all under their control.

    I’m thinking maybe Xanga should go back to ther old way. This is how everything works in the real world. There are a lot fo great books, movies, music that don’t get seen by the masses because they haven’t gained the attention of the right people. But hey that’s life.

  5. @roxics – Believe me, I’ve been there. I had a post that was on top for a while, got an obnoxious amount of recommends, and was even featured on revelife. I even put it up for a vote in the vote section and it got 30 some votes, but no feature. Sometimes I’ve even thought the xanga team didn’t like me or they were censoring me from featured. I can’t say wether it’s true or not, but I do know John does have his reasons for featuring and not featuring.

    Your point about the books,movies, etc is good and true, but what if we could change that? would we?

  6. I’d rather get rid of top blogs and just keep featured.  I have almost never made it to top blogs but have been featured three or four times, so I may be biased.

    John and Dan, in my opinion, feature a variety of bloggers.  Sometimes completely unknown ones.  Top blogs is almost always the same people.  And the same non-thought-filled posts at the number one spot. 

  7. @roxics – actually most of their content on the frontpage is now dealt to the team via the voting system.  That helps them drive what posts roll up on the main page.  I’ve been on here over 5 years now..and have only been featured 3 times.  However, I’ve been on Top Blogs and Rec’d Blogs several times.

    They take the voting system, and double check for things that may offend the masses like language, if it bad-mouths another xangan, nudity (if pics involved)…and then put it on the list to be shown. 

    @Simbathe2nd – if they find that the post would garner more of an audience with another one of their sites, they’d go that route.

  8. I don’t remember the decision process in deciding whether or not to feature your post… but that post had the word fucking in the title!

    I thought we’d featured some of your posts… I’ve always liked your site.

  9. Yeah I noticed that you have not made it. And you are more than good enough
    The one you mentioned. Well the “fucking” that word was all it took. They will not feature it over that. You can have a pretty rough topic but PG13 is as far as it goes.

    I bet you will make it one day. Thousands never make it

     I am getting my feelings hurt. My entry is up there right now, and everyone is complaining about featured. The one above mine is a great entry, really a cut above and I also really like

    Failure is a good thing.

    One of the better entries

  10. To answer your question – I don’t mind having featured and top blog.   What I would like is to see different people featured on both.   At the moment I find that generally the same people are on both – and that is why I (and a few others that I know) don’t bother reading the front page anymore.   In my opinion it’s a bit like school – the popular kids get most of the attention.  

    I’ve been featured once (which was great)  and for a while there I was top blogged every other day – BUT since then I haven’t been on top blogged for a good 6 months…… even though at times I had a lot of traffic/comments/views etc.

    I’ve given up trying to understand how it all works……   ~  V

  11. @john – Well. I can understand the swearing thing. Thanks for the feedback, for a while there I thought you guys had something against me for some reason. At the time some of my subjects were a little extreme.

    @trunthepaige – I don’t usually complain about the stuff that’s featured. Most of the time it is good stuff. I’ve only ever had one complaint about something that was featured and that’s listed in my entry above. Other then that it’s fine.

    @venice – You’re right it is a popularity contest to a certain extent. I’ve had the rush of masses to some of my entries and then things calm down and lots of people seem to disappear. I’m trying to figure out how to get those people to stick around or come back more often.

  12. @roxics – Consider how good some of your stuff is and the drivel that is often on the front page.  I understand your frustration. Even if on the day you complained, there was some better than average stuff on the front, it is not always that way.

    I am one of your fans, so you just keep writing (please) and I will keep reading.

    The suscrition feature will fool you. A lot of times you’re being read off line.

  13. @trunthepaige – I’ll agree with you there. Thanks for your support. Some people in my previous entry got through to me that stepping back from Xanga to look at things wouldn’t be as effective as just diving in further and working harder at it. So I will do that.

    Although I don’t agree with everything you say, which you already know, you present your views in good fashion with enough thought behind it that I enjoy reading your stuff. So please do the same, keep writing and I’ll keep reading. :)

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