Shaving the chest

My girlfriend doesn’t like when I shave my chest. Not because it doesn’t look good. Because personally I think it looks better. But mostly because it hurts her. It’s like sandpaper. I’m wondering if any other guys or girls have this problem. Is there a fix for it aside from just not shaving your chest?

Usually I don’t shave. I’ve had several girls tell me that they never thought a hairy chest was sexy before they met me. So I take that as a compliment. But personally I just like the way it looks better shaved.

Any solutions?

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  1. Obvious one is to get it waxed. Something like nair might work for that area, if you’ve had luck with it in the past or haven’t tried it before. I didn’t like hairy chests before I met my boyfriend, now I like them. As long as it’s not super crazy.

  2. Wax if you can.  Shaving makes it grow back thicker too, least it has for me.  My chest is barely hairy so I usually just use tweezers to pluck the hair.  But if you can wax or have the patience to pluck it go for that.  You don’t get the same roughness as shaving.  Also shave down with the grain rather than against it, if you stick to just shaving.

  3. I shave because I have tattoos on mine and I don’t like covering them with hair (and i just don’t like body hair). My last girlfriend told me she didn’t like hairy guys so it would have worked out had we stayed together.

    I suggest waxing or just growing it out. Impress the lady over self.

  4. I don’t have hair on my chest LoL but try the product called Smooth Away where it is like a gray sandpaper that you rub on your skin to clear the hair without pain or ingrown hairs. I bought it from ebay.

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