Sex toys for guys


Ok, I’ve noticed something lately. Maybe it’s not new, but it’s new to me. It seems that sex toys for guys are kind of considered “perverted”. I don’t really understand. Women have their sex toys and openly talk about them with their close girlfriends. I guess it depends on the group of girls. But most girls that I’ve encountered, when they talk about sex toys they giggle a little bit and admit to having one or a few or a whole box. Some giggle and say “no I don’t have any” but always seem curious to try them out.

The point is, women usually have a dildo and this is generally considered totally cool. Even Hot.
On the other hand, if a guy admits to having a sex toy, he usually gets labeled as a pervert or a loser who can’t get laid.

Lets take this article as an example:

Here is a young hipster guy reviewing what is probably the most popular male sex toy on the market. Yet he reviews the entire thing both tongue in cheek and with a certain degree of disgust. Basically he’s laughing the entire thing off and ends with a claim that a guys hand is the only thing he should ever consider using.

The comments follow in form. Yet while reading them I can’t help but think to myself “I wonder how many of these people are just saying this so they don’t come off looking like perverts” and “I wonder how many of these people are going to go out and secretly buy one even though they’re talking shit about it.”

Here is one comment:

“Come on, if you need to use this, you either are extremely desperate, extremely weird, or you lost your hand.”

Really? I mean Really? Yet I bet you if they were reviewing didos for women this guy would be all about it and would never dare use the words “extremely desperate or extremely weird.”

My girlfriend has an entire box of sex toys in all different shapes and sizes and speeds. She’s by far not the first girl I’ve ever known to have such a box. Yet for some reason it’s considered shameful and weird for men to have sex toys. Even though plenty of men do in fact have them. I bet those guys that do also tend to have the best sex as well. Why? Because obviously they aren’t afraid to like what they like and be open with themselves about it.

As someone who has owned a fleshlight myself for the better part of a half decade I can tell you that it’s something every guy should have. Just like every woman should own a dildo. It’s a great alternative to your hand and it certainly doesn’t stop your sex life. Is it messy? Yeah!. But sex is messy. That’s the point. If you aren’t looking to get a little dirty then why consider even doing anything sexual your fucking pansy.

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