Seeking Enlightenment

There is a familiar darkness when I close my eyes at night. It is a reminder that I am and it brings me from the realm of consciousness into the land of sleep.

Lately I’ve been trying to become a little more enlightened in my life. I’ve recently installed the spirituality 2.0 components into my life and they seem to be a positive upgrade so far. :)

Part of my quest has been to stop discovering and just start accepting. I know that sounds backwards. But I think you get to a point where the big questions just seem too big. Looking at the scope of our universe alone, at least the fraction of it that we know, it seems way to vast to be jumping to any grand conclusions. But at the same time, it feels like it contains layers that can be seen from anywhere and these layers hold a lot of information.

We feel so very alone in the universe at times. Light years away from even the closet star to our own sun. If we were traveling at the speed of light it would still take us four years to get to that star that is 24,000,000,000,000 miles away (24 trillion miles).

It’s no wonder we haven’t been visited by alien lifeforms in the period of time we human beings have been here. We would need to first assume they would be out there, be technologically advanced enough to travel such distances and want to. Even then it would probably still take them forever to get here. Which makes you wonder, with such advancement, why they would even want to come visit.

It’s so easy to watch sci-fi movies and TV shows that make huge assumptions and make space seem so people friendly like the wild west. Not that the wild west was friendly, but by comparison it is. The reality is that space is so much bigger then we can even imagine and traveling it would be near impossible for a human being. We are built for the planet we live on. It’s not going to be us human beings that traverse the stars when and if it finally happens. It’s going to be some kind of new lifeform we create and that might not happen for another 1000 years or more.

What does this have to do with enlightenment? Well, it just helps me put things into perspective a little bit. But rather then feeling so small and insignificant like it has in the past, it instead makes me feel like we really do have a purpose here. Afterall why do we exist on this paradise rock floating in the middle of the heavens so far from anything else but the other fairly barren planets that surround us? We are the planet here teeming with life. It almost makes you think those religious people might be onto something, even if they don’t completely understand it themselves. As much as they like to believe they do.

Think of all the stories that have been told throughout time just on this planet alone. It really makes you wonder.

Then there is death. Death is the escape from this existence. But is it also a doorway to another existence? Is our purpose, should we assume any at all, be that we exist here for the period of time that we do and that’s it? For some reason I can’t believe that anymore. There is too much dynamic. Between love and fear there is too much emotion, to much art, too much discovery and experience. Beyond that, we are blessed to know that we have each other to experience all of this with. So why so much hate between us?

Here’s my theory. We hate and we create drama to fill our lives because we know of no other way to spend our limited time. It’s part of who we are. It will never end. But I think that we can find balance on a personal level.

There is a philosophy that I have been trying to live by lately.
“Those who judge you are saying more about themselves then they are about you.”

Every time I see someone pass judgment on someone else for their sexuality, religion, political position or whatever this saying pops into my mind. Now I am not without judgment myself. None of us are. We are human, but I think there is a method of observation we can use to grow and accept certain things. I’ve been using this saying to help me accept myself and others around me lately.

I am also starting to believe that at the core of every religion there is a degree of truth. That eventually the human condition appears. That fundamentally there is a force of truth and order that watches over all of us. I’ve also come to realize I don’t need to seek the answers and details to it, I just need to accept it in order to gain peace in my life. That is what I have begun to do.

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