Science Question – Evolution and Incest

So we have theories that mankind evolved from lesser organisms. We have no idea how many human beings actually started out. At some point people had to evolve from a single person or single pair correct? I assume this, otherwise we wouldn’t all be humans would we? We would have evolved genetically different then the other creatures. If that’s the case at which point did incest start to cause a problem?

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  1. I wouldn’t say we came from one person or one family for that matter… We all started as a single organism and asexually manifested into colonies and beyond, and what not. By the time we evolved to “humans” there were countless amounts of organisms leading down the same genetic path.

    So incest… to me, its still taboo. Its just not something I find to be morally correct. I won’t do it, and I hope others wont as well.

  2. Actually, it’s highly unlikely humanity emerged from a single breeding pair.  Basic evolutionary genetics:  whatever environmental conditions existed that caused evolution to produce humans had to have occurred on a large enough scale that a small but measurable breeding population of modern humans came into being at roughly the same time.  Sadly, the Marvel Comics assertion that “mutation is the tool of evolution” isn’t 100% accurate. 

    I think half the reason this subject continues to be misunderstood is that people tend to have interpreted the humans called “Mitochondrial Eve” and “Y-Chromosome Adam” as having been humanity’s progenitor couple.  They were not.  Science never should have borrowed the names Adam and Eve from mythology when they attached names to these genetic forebears…it just rendered the concept all the more confusing.

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