Safebrowse Settings to EX?

Has anyone changed their safebrowse settings to “Explicit”? If so have you found that your number of readers drops to next to nothing for posts marked EX?

I’m kind of curious how many people have gone through the hassle of faxing xanga a copy of their drivers license.
Who even has a fax machine anymore?

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  1. Noooooo don’t switch to EX.  I would never go through the hassle of faxing xanga a copy of my driver’s license, so it drives me insane when people’s sites are EX rated.  There’s one subscriber I have who reads every entry I write, but I can’t see a thing on his site because of the rating.  I can’t imagine many people bother.  For me, I’m pretty uncomfortable with giving Xanga my actual information. 

  2. I’ve never bothered to send in my drivers license.  I’ve never been that curious about a piece.  I don’t ever rate my posts either, so it all fits together I guess.  ♥

  3. @hilaw – Yeah that’s what inspired me to write this entry. I’m curious how many people won’t get to read that entry of yours. Including myself. I’m not sure I see the point of the EX. There are several people who post naughty things without that rating. I mean I have total porn images up onmy RoxicsUnderground xanga account.

    @just_the_average_jane – Don’t worry I’m not switching to EX. I don’t see the point.

    @petitenoirtenue – I’m kind of the same way. Especially with some of the stuff I’ve seen and posted myself with a normal rating.

    @MangoWOW – True.

  4. @hilaw – I understand. I know why xanga does it. I think I’ve had this conversation with them before. But what’s funny is that anyone can easily find any level of hardcore porn on the net without having to send anything in to anyone. It’s everywhere. 

  5. While my site is not labeled as EX, I can view EX sites.  I managed to get into the “give us card information and we’ll allow you to view EX sites” program before this whole “faxing in your shit” thing came into play.

    So it doesn’t matter to me.  I’ll read either way. :)

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