Rough and smooth

I know I’m not on here much anymore. Truth is I have been pretty busy and my internet connection at home still sucks. So i figured I’d outline a few things going on in my life.

  • I got a raise at work and a really good peer review but apparently I need to be more social, which is funny because I always got high marks for that in the past.
  • SocialMore is taking a long time to build. My main developers wife is holding him back on this project which is honestly starting to get to me. I wish I could say something to her, but I don’t even know her. I just can’t understand why she can’t see the potential in it. But she yell at him everytime he gets on the computer to work on it. My hands are kinda tied here and I don’t like feeling this way.
  • I’m questioning my relationship with my girlfriend. I love her. But I’m just starting to feel like we aren’t right for each other. She’s been having a lot of issues lately and I don’t see our relationship going in a direction I want it to go. I haven’t said anything to her because more thought needs to be dedicated to this. I don’t want to make a mistake. 
  • Tomorrow I officially plan to quit smoking. I’m going to use the electronic cigarettes to do it again. It was successful last time but I got stupid and lit up again. I’m just waiting on some carts to arrive tomorrow.
  • I went to a Halloween party the other night dressed a gothic transvestite. It was a good time. my buddy Steve was in town, so it was cool to see him. side note: I make a horrible looking chick.
  • I changed my break pads and discs a few weeks ago. Then a week later started having major problems. Popped one of the wheels off to discover it was only a 10 minute fix. Now all is right. But I do need a new car stereo for my van. I don’t even have a tape deck in there so my iphone isn’t too happy about that.
  • I want to get healthy again. Start eating better and working out. I think this will go hand in hand with quitting the cigarettes.

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  1. you’re busy….glad to see pop back in for a few. You have to post some photos of the costume, lol. Good luck quitting and getting healthy. Slante.

  2. good luck with the smoking. I hate that I smoke.  It costs $13 a pack here, and I sometimes find it disgusting (you?).

    I for some reason thought you were living w your girlfriend. What’s the status/eg how long dating etc.? when you said she was having a lot of issues, it made me think of me and my ex-husband.  He really couldn’t deal with my PTSD after 9/11 (That’s probably bigger than whatever is happening with her, but….it really was the beginning of the end for us…we both liked our drama free easy fun relationship and I turned upside down and inside out. I can’t blame him or me…it was how we both were able to deal or not deal with it).

  3. Also two eprops for quitting cigarettes. Hooray lack of lung cancer! :D

    Also, I figured out who the crap you look like in your profile picture. Trent Reznor from like, late-90’s, early 2000’s. haha. Just figured that one out.

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