Robotic Sex Slaves – Would you buy one?

Ok. Hypothetical question. Lets pretend some company came out with a line of “personal assistants” which were basically robotic sex slaves. The were in almost every way 95% human. Their flesh, their bodily functions, everything about them was almost entirely human feeling, except their skeleton was made out of a hard plastic and their brains are electronic computers. They also can’t procreate. Their personalities are very human, but not entirely. They live to serve, won’t harm anyone, enjoy pleasure but lack a fully realized imagination. They do however require food, water and oxygen just like real people.

The female models are basically the best looking 18-25 year old females you’ve ever seen. Same is true for the guy models.

So the questions are:

How many of you women would allow your boyfriends/husbands to own one or more of them?

How many of you guys would allow your girlfriends/wives to own one or more of them?

Would anybody ever date a real person again?

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  1. Honestly I think it would be kind of sad. It would take all the unexpected things out of life. They may be partly human but they wouldn’t have the same capacity to really feel anything that a human does. It just wouldn’t be the same.

  2. OMG! I just saw something on TV about robots that look like people and I kid you not this same question popped into my head not but 5 mins ago! to answer your question I prob would buy one (depending on cost) and I dont think very many people would be dating after about 2 years. Think about about. Your ideal woman that is there to “serve” you and never leave you. yeah I think that answers it self. Great post!

  3. Hmm. Well. I don’t know. For me at least, there is more to a relationship than just sex, but it might be convenient if you just want to have sex. I really don’t know. Depends on my state of mind I guess.

  4. Hm. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if he owned one (presuming it’s not prohibitively expensive). But I WOULD ABSOLUTELY mind if he EVER turned to the robot instead of me. And considering I have a higher sex drive than he has, there’s no reason whatsoever for him to want one.

  5. did i ever tell you i read your blogs more than anyone of my subscriptions? lol.  i think i wouldn’t want one.  i’s just not the same.  a robot can never be able to replace my boyfriend, and same goes for getting a girl one.  i want to hear a real girl moan, and tell me what feels good, whe doesn’t.  etc.  so yah.

  6. I think it also depends exactly what the robot looks like. If I was going to get one, I’d get one that looks virtually EXACTLY like my bf, except maybe 2″ taller. And then I would use it either in conjunction with sex with my bf (how hot would THAT be?) or when he’s not available/not interested.


    I’d consider getting one, and I’d consider letting my boyfriend get one.  -shrug-  …as long as they were used in moderation and not as a replacement.

  8. Hell, I don’t need my robot slave to provide sex…as long as it cleans my house, does my laundry, and has such a fanatical sense of loyalty that it murders my enemies in classic “Twilight Zone” fashion, it’s a robot worth owning! 

  9. I think the manufacturer’s would make millions. Because in reality, we the people of the US are downright lazy. A robot that would never leave, never age, and would gladly cater to your every sexual desires? Well hell yes, there would be massive sales. Love would virtually go out the window, because it is just easier not to straddle that battle. (See Futurama, the episode with Fry’s Lucy Lui bot.)

    As for me, mechanical sex toys scare me. I think it might be a big fat no.

  10. No.
    and wth, I would love to think that I could please him better than a damn robot.
    although I do love robots. :| but noooo.

    You know, some people who only wanted sex would probably stop dating and just bang their robot. Lol.

    I wonder how many people would actually show their robot off or let their frurbds use her/him.



  11. Sounds like the episodes in Buffy (way back when) when Spike had his own Buffy-bot made for similar purposes.
    Call me old fashioned, but I like my company with a pulse

  12. @untainted_love_for_her – @WhiteyMan89 – @lizheartshakespeare – @la_faerie_joyeuse – @XxWiltedRosexX – @LadyAsianInvasion – @methodElevated – @mysterylad – @lonelywanderer2 – @PreciousOnyx – @danceyogamom – @IonaLoire – @marissa_and_her_darkness – @ijustneedhim – @CrazyKey123 – @CiaoBella810 – @JessxMaxine – @The_Special_K_Way – @Crazy_LilLady – @flashbulb100w – 

    I’ll admit I’m a little shocked by some of the responses. I figured that most guys would be all for it and most women would say no. Guys being driven a lot by sex and women looking for something more emotional in a relationship.

    I guess I underestimated the sex drive of women and their willingness to let their husbands/boyfriends basically have a glorified sex toy. I guess this begs the question, when you get something this realistic, at what point does it cross the line from sex toy to cheating?

  13. @roxics – Joking aside, that would be a concern of mine also.  If I was having sex with a girl that is so human, I would have feelings for her.  I would want the best for her, and for to have a choice in what she does.  Not just be property.

  14. I’d think it would be sort of pointless for physically able couples to allow each other to use such a perfect version of a “sex buddy.” That just mixes in jealousy and other inadequate feelings towards each other, especially when sex becomes such a personal thing in a long lasting relationship. You’d just be setting yourself up for your partner to fail. I would also be worried about the single people using them, because they would have no real reason to do any of the other activities that lead to sex; such a nice evening/dinner together. It’s like 15 year old boys playing fantasy rpg’s, there’s no drive to come back to reality. I know it would be tempting, but I don’t think human emotion fits in to such a heavenly fantasy.

  15. @roxics - I like to think that most women are up to dare with their sex drive and willingness to have sex with their parnter when their partner wanted it.

    if your partner goes to the robot before going to see if you wanted to have sex, I think that wiiod be cheating for most.


  16. @thinkpinkpanther – I get you point. But if it needs food, water and oxygen then it has the same weaknesses you do, which can be a good thing. It could also enjoy a meal with you and produce certain fluids you may enjoy (I don’t know). 

  17. @RunningwithSporks – That’s a very well thought out response and probably an accurate description of the possible reality that would come with it.

    Here’s the scary part, it will most likely happen sooner or later. People will build them just to see if they can. Then to pay for that R&D cost they will bring them to market.

    That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Then we have to worry about them stealing jobs, protesters claiming they should be given equal rights while other protesters claim they should just be our slaves and they have no soul, ect, ect.

  18. Hm. Are we talking Jude Law in AI here? because that was pretty awesome, I have to say. I don’t know, though. I don’t think having a robot to love is the same as having a person. If they had real feelings, though, if they were fully realized people, I could see where that would be appealing.

  19. @roxics – Cheating isn’t always clear cut.  Well, at least not in my current existence.  Maybe I’ll change my perspective down the road. 

    My husband and I don’t have the world’s greatest chemistry.  Something like this might help. 

  20. No and I don’t know. I think I’d only go with it if I’d been very single and unlucky for awhile. There’s something about free will and not having it that would make me hesitate to get too “close” to such a thing.

  21. I’ve always advocated what I call Jessica Al-bots.  If they ever created these things, we would have no need for women ever again and the human race will be populated by poor people that can’t afford one.  And it’s a lot easier to create a female version.  A malfunction in a guy model might cause some…injuries.

  22. I don’t know if I could really “allow” my boyfriend or husband to do anything.  That would assume I had some sort of control over him.  That said, I don’t think I would like it if he had one of those robots.  I’d always be wondering, “Am I not enough?”

    But since I don’t have a boyfriend or a husband, where can I get one of these things?

  23. @roxics – if it’s just meant for sex, and my boyfriend did get one, than I guess it’s cool.  however if i’m over, and he decides to have sex with the damn toy.  than i’m done, but my boyfriend prefers me over any toy. lmao.

  24. Did you get this idea from chobits? If you didn’t read the manga/anime chobits, it discusses this very topic, its pretty interesting. Anyway. I would get a female one for me and my boyfriend to share =] but more than one would make me jealous.

  25. i would say eff that.
    me or the robot baby, me or the robot.
    like you can bang the robot; we can still date, but i wont be banging you. everrrr. hahah. as somebody up there^ so wisely put it; i enjoy my company with a pulse. that and i think it’s patheticcccc.

  26. It would be the only way I would allow a threesome with my boyfriend, because I would know there would be no feelings involved for the other.  However, in return I would like to have two males and me (my husband and the robot).  If there were feelings it could easily be destroyed right and wouldn’t be counted as murder?  It’s not human anyways and would be like destroying our own property

  27. i’m not even gonna go into the ethics and values this kind of question requires one to evaluate.

    i think that’s a crazy idea. it would make a lot of money, probably ruin a lot of people’s lives in many ways and maybe even bring joy to some people’s lives…(not even gonna talk about how many people fantasize about threesomes or orgies…o.O) but this idea is certainly not for me nor for my future SO ever. :/ for a LOT of reasons i’m really just not gonna divulge right now.

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