Robotic Sex Slaves – Part 2

A day or so after I wrote my entry titled “Robotic Sex Slaves – Would You Buy One” I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts “SETI – Are We Alone” and strangely enough the episode was about sex. The end of the episode featured an interview with author David Levy about his book “Love and Sex with Robots (link)” where he claims the future of sex is with robots. lol
I’ll have to pick up a copy of that book myself.


So anyway, I cut out that interview for you to hear yourself:

It’s a nice little interview where they make some compelling points.
If you’re interested in hearing the whole episode I would recommend checking out the SETI podcast yourself. It’s a great podcast, although a little hokey at times.

Take a listen to the article and then tell me what you think… again :)

0 thoughts on “Robotic Sex Slaves – Part 2

  1. Too long, didn’t listen.  LOL…  (I don’t really want people eavesdropping when I’m hearing about robot sex, anyway.)

    My thoughts?  I think robot sex will be great for atheists.    I do believe in a soul, and I think that humans often connect with each other on a deeper level, on a “soul level”.  So unless a robot was advanced enough to be able to carry a soul (well… you never know), I think the relationship — and even the mere idea of such a relationship — would seem meaningless to a lot of people.

    From the perspective of STDs and whatnot, though, you can’t beat sexual equipment that can be sterilized.

  2. If that is really what the male robots look like, I sincerely do not believe that I would be able to go through with the act. It’s just rather creepy.

  3. @LadyLibellule – I’m not sure if I follow you when you say that robotic sex would be great for atheists. If someone doesn’t believe in God, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a soul.

    But I have to say that you brought up a really good point. STDs would more than likely not be as much of an issue. Very good statement on that end of things.

  4. @CrazyKey123 – Many of the atheists I’ve encountered don’t believe in the existence of a pre-existing soul (like the kind that would figure into the theory of reincarnation or the idea of “soulmates”).  That’s all I meant.

  5. @LadyLibellule – Ahh, I understand what you are saying now. I wasn’t quite sure what you meant at first. However, atheists can love someone. So I still don’t quite think that robotic sex would be the best for a particular group of people.

  6. He makes very interesting arguments but me personally will never need one of those robots. I’d prefer to have real flesh and blood. Although I do happen to think it could add a little excitement to say maybe a marriage or to a couple who are dating.

  7. I definitely see the appeal, however I would not approve of my boyfriend owning one (or more).  It is really starting to irritate me how people can misuse the word love.  When you are in love with someone, there is more to the relationship than sex.  There is intimate conversation (getting to know one another), activities (memories) and a complete understanding of one another.  Sex is just the icing on the cake.  It makes two people come together as one in a very intimate way.  I feel you can not have this with machines of ANY sort.  Using sex toys can be stimulating, however it does not emotionally connect with you during play.  There is no foreplay or the “vibrator” or “fake pussy” learning what you like and don’t like. You don’t have the physical reciprocation needed to know the other person is enjoying it or “physically loving” you in return.
    Yes these robotic sex slaves are a neat “toy” to have during your lonely times or your single times, however just like any sex toy it will become boring with out that feeling of reciprocation.  I would most definitely date again for this reason.  A robot can only do what it is programed to do.  It will not bring creativity into the bedroom or laugh and play with you.

    Love is an emotion.  Robots can NOT feel any emotions.  They are programed to have you “believe” they do.  There is nothing better than making love to a PERSON you love more than anything.

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