Rim jobs and anal sex.

Rim jobs. Yes. Rim jobs. I’m not talking about those twenty inch spinners you put on your car, I’m talking about finessing tailpipe with the tip of your tongue.

There are many people that seem to think this is disgusting. It’s understandable why. But once you get your head around it, you’ll realize it’s not that big of a deal and really not as bad as you might think. Kinky, yes, and fun.

If your boyfriend decides to go down on you from behind it might be a little surprising at first. Enjoy it. Know that he’s doing it because he worships every inch of your body. It can be very stimulating and enjoyable once you put it in your mind that it’s not a bad thing.

Now here’s a tip.

#. Stay clean. Best to do something like this after you’ve both taken a shower.

Rim jobs can be enjoyable for both parties. Whether it’s the guy going down on the girl or the reverse.

Anal sex.
 Now here’s a hot topic, I haven’t yet met a girl who doesn’t want to try anal sex. Yes I’ve met a lot of them that say “No way! Exit only!” until I get them in my bed. Maybe I have some sort of amazing power over women that just makes them want to spread themselves open for me. But I’m not that arrogant. Instead I believe that somewhere deep inside every women is a desire to try it. To be penetrated and completely surrender themselves to the cock. Whatever it is, I don’t know, but if you’re thinking “no way” ask yourself “what does an anal orgasm feel like?” and if you can’t answer it, maybe you might be curious to find out.

That said lets talk about some tips.

1. Always use plenty of lube. I would think this would be obvious but you never know. If need be, start with your finger or your tongue to help get used to the idea.

2. Guys, go slooowwww. You’re going to have to be very patient and listen to what she is saying and how she is reacting. If she says pull out then pull out. Don’t say “alright baby hold on a minute”, no dude, pull out. Also she might not tell you, so you have to read her. If she looks like she’s going to deliver a baby then pull out, but do it slowly. Once you get past the sphincter your ride will be much smoother but it may take a couple of tries.

3. Girls, push out while he’s pushing in. It’s important to relax, the more relaxed you are the less it will be uncomfortable.

4. Once you’re in, pause for a minute, don’t move. Let her body get used to you being there. At this time it would be a good idea to start playing with her clit. Get her going. This will also help relax her.

5. Don’t double dip. That is, don’t switch back and forth from the back to the front. This can cause infections and other problems. If you’re going to use the back door and then want to have vaginal sex, clean up first.

Most importantly enjoy yourself.  It’s not dirty and it can be a lot of fun for both people.

In our next chapter I’ll talk about anal play for men.

EDIT – I hope people take this as the sort of tongue in cheek (no pun in tended jewjewbee ;) entry I intended it to be. Although the tips are solid.

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  1. I am glade I looked around your site before reading this one. I would have figured you as a sex only blog, they get old fast.

    My name Paige

    You just met a girl who has no desire to have anal sex. Been there, done that, hated it. It just hurts, and when the pain dies down, it simply feels bad. I seem to please without being into that, so all is well over here. But so long as everyone is happy, one might as well do it right suppose. A how to guild, must serve that purpose

  2. I have actually never came across a blog on Xanga that talked about rim jobs and anal sex, haha! This blog post was definitely enlightening as well interesting,  But something that is very enlightening is usually very interesting. O.o.

    Your other blog entries seem to perk my interest as well.  [:

    And I’ve never seen anyone deck their profile page out as fully as you did. I’m impressed. [;

    See ya around!

  3. I agree with having to relax… however you can not relax if you push out while he enters in…
    The best thing to have during anal sex, is a distraction… sweet talk, or even like you said, clitoral stimuli works the best.
    Looking forward to the next chapter

  4. I want to add a comment to #3. It should not hurt at all. Uncomfortable maybe but hurting = bad. If it hurts, stop! Take a break, try again.

    I also found that using a vibrator helped kind of take the focus off the moment and allows me to relax quicker.

    Aaaaaaaand that is my 2 cents.

  5. @CaucasianChopstix – Thank you. I wanted to write an entry about something a little more extreme then the usual. Glad you like the blog and profile page. Thanks for the mini.

    @jewjewbeedragon – Good tips. I think it might be different for different people though. For myself pushing out always seemed to help. ;)

    @TornadoChaser@momaroo – This is also one of those things that is different for different people. To some people uncomfortable equals hurting. But those people probably aren’t relaxed enough. Good tip on the use of the vibrator. I assume you mean you use it for clitoral stimulation and not vaginal penetration? 

  6. @roxics – That would be a good point. Still you should clarify that a bit because some may take it that “yes it will hurt, you just need to relax” (which personlly is hard to do because if it hurts the last thing you want to do is relax!) whereas pain signals something is wrong which should mean to pause and reassess. Many cases people just really under estimate the amount of lube needed. The ass does not self lubricate so lube it up!

    I mainly use a vibrator for clitoral. Those little bullet ones are awesome. I’m not a huge fan of toy penatration for whatever reason. Just doesn’t do it for me. But if that tickles your kitty, have at it. I think just taking the focus off “Oh my god he’s touching me there” really helps with relaxing. 

  7. Baha! Coincidental. My girlfriend (yes, lesbians) and I were just talking about wanting to do this! I really want to. I hear you can have an orgasm there, she had never heard of it..I mean, we were talking about this this morning! So it is so neat to find you writing about it. Awesome job!

  8. so far i’m working on it, but the best way for control is probably she’s on top of the guy, and she slowly sits on his penis.  i was able to put it in.  Still not use to it, but i’m getting there.  i am very curious to feel an orgasm through anal…or just enjoy it.

  9. @BrittMiles27 – Haha, that’s awesome to hear, hope you two have a lot of fun.

    @RushmoreJ – Thank you very much. Coming from a writer such as yourself that’s a great compliment.

    I agree. Lube is key.

    @suggestivetongue – Thank you very much. I’m glad you liked it. :)

    @LadyAsianInvasion – This is something I actually didn’t touch on. When thinking about the entry before I wrote it I had thought that through but it didn’t make it to the entry.
    I’ve discovered the one of the worst ways to start with anal is doggy style, it tends to be the most uncomfortable. The spooning position is a nice relaxing position, missionary is also not as bad as doggy style though it might be harder for guys that aren’t that big. To be honest I don’t ever remember trying anal with the girl on top. I may have but I don’t remember, I guess i have a mission now. lol

  10. @roxics – lol..well i don’t know if it feels better for the guy.  it does help for the girl, based on control.  even in popping the cherry being on top helps.  when your in control of the pain it’s a lot more bearable.

  11. I also don’t enjoy anal sex.

    I had no desire to try it, but the boyfriend did, so I conceded for his benefit. It really wasn’t that great. It didn’t hurt, even at first. But it definitely didn’t even feel like sex. More like someone was poking me. Even with clitoral stimulation, it still felt like I should have a penis in my vagina, instead.

    The only circumstance in which I would ever want to repeat the experience, would be DP, but since I reserve sex for long-term monogamous relationships, I don’t think I’m going to be doing that, either.

    Maybe it’s just the girls you sleep with. Maybe they pretend to like it for your benefit. Or maybe they actually do, who knows? But personally, I would prefer that sexual dominance to be in the form of something that actually feels like sex.

  12. luckily i am with a man who believes anal sex is for the homosexual men.  even when im feeling all kinky and say “baby its ok if u wanna stick ur big hard cock in my ass” he’s like naw u kno shit comes outta there right? i am not into anal sex but typical men are so fuckin in love with sticking their penises into an asshole!!  what is it about anal sex u love so much??? another thing is i will suck a dick after its been in my pussy but never after its been in my asshole and a cock in my mouth what takes me there not one in my ass…different strokes for different folks i guess….hey, jus a question…..do u have a small penis??? maybe thats why girls dont say no… 

  13. @la_faerie_joyeuse – Anal sex requires a certain level of mental desire. You have to kind of want it. It doesn’t feel like regular sex, you’re right on that part. But it can be enjoyable and even orgasmic if your desire for it is there. But it isn’t for everyone. Because your desire wasn’t there for it, it’s really no surprise you didn’t enjoy it. Sex for women I’ve come to realize is a very mental/emotional thing.

    @queencleopatra702 – I wouldn’t say you’re lucky. No offense but you’re boyfriend sounds a little narrow minded and homophobic. You on the other hand sound more open minded, as you said if you’re feeling kinky you’ve told him it’s ok to do it. But that’s just an assumption and I’m sorry if I’m wrong or offensive in saying that.

    I agree with you about not sucking cock after it’s been in your ass, I’ve never asked a women to do this just for health reasons alone.
    I wouldn’t say I’m small at eight inches. It was kinda funny how I found this out. My girlfriend and I walked into a sex shop to buy a dildo and she picked out this eight inch one and I said to her “so you want something bigger then me?” feeling a little down about myself and she said “no, that’s the same size as you, that’s why I want it”. Later on we put the two side by side and I was shocked as shit to see that she was right.

    Average penis size is five to six inches. Largest ever recorded on the books is thirteen inches. So I fall somewhere in the Goldilocks zone for most women.

  14. lol ok  goldilocks zone??? never heard that!! he isnt a homophobe gay men love him and he doesnt mind the attention i guess he is satisfied with pussy alone idk i dont care i am satisfied too he is open to evrything else else but kinda bad at roleplaying lol. :0 but great at choking 

  15. That was a very nice post and I must admit that it has me a bit curious about anal sex. I like how open and respectful you were about it.

  16. Great post!  I have never had anal sex, tho there has been some play back there.
    It has always been something I have wanted to try, tho i have never found a man willing to stick it in.  Taste but not dip.  Lame!
    Anyways, I find preparation key, and i love vibrators.  So to any girl who hasnt had anal sex but would like to some day, get a cute little bullet that you can use on your ass.  It feels amazing, and it helps to prepare for the feeling of a cock.
    But just like with cock, no double dipping with toys.  Make sure to keep em clean, or keep seperate ones (like i do).

  17. i’ve tried anal sex and thought it was amazing!  …but a little painful, because of the poor delivery on his part.  i just bought a great book that details everything you need to know to have amazing anal sex.  unfortunately, i only have toys for now, so i won’t know how awesome it is quite yet.  but i’ll let you know?  it might take years, who knows…

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