Riddle me this

Why is it that on Xanga I’ve gotten several messages and comments from girls saying things like “you’re really cute” or “your hot” and the like. Which is all very flattering and nice. Thank you.

However in the past when I’ve belonged to dating sites I didn’t get any messages or even any replies to messages I’ve sent? My messages were always pretty well thought out as well, showing that I actually read their profiles and would only respond if I had something in common.
I don’t understand. 
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  1. @SerenaDante – Lol. Part of me kinda wishes that was the case. Every girl I’ve ever slept with I’ve soon gotten into a relationship with, so my count isn’t that high.  In other words, no, girls don’t look at me as a one night stand.

  2. People want what they can’t have.  And I suppose because you’re an intelligent, good looking man who isn’t afraid to discuss his sexuality, you’ve become something unattainable.  And uh, possibly because you’re taken :P

    On the dating sites, those people you sent messages to…they probably got a good number of messages from others as well, right?

  3. Exactly. Girls like what they can’t have.
    So be confident and cool, and girls will think they can’t have you, and will end up chasing you.
    The more desperate you seem, the farther they’ll be. And nice guys are good friends, usually.
    So don’t try to be the “nice” guy.
    good luck!

  4. @Bricker59 – What do you mean by “sounds like spam?”

    @philosophicthoughts – Well it’s not a problem anymore since I have a girlfriend. But in the past this was always the case, with the exception of my girlfriend of course. 

    @Lynnjynh9315 – You’re right. What the hell was I thinking? Just when I think I understand I don’t. Why don’t women come with a manual called “this is how you get our attention”. It’s funny because they say all these things like “I want a good guy who… ” but they ignore all the guys like that and go for the ones that ignore them and treat them like crap. 

  5. @torontobabyblue – Well you’re right about that. I’m unattainable now. But I wasn’t when I was single in the past, before I met my girlfriend. I’m sure they get a ton of messages. Which makes me sort of wonder why it works that way. Why aren’t women sending a ton of messages to guys as well? Because they get so many themselves? 

    The whole thing is messed up. Women want to be persued, but they also want what is unattainable. huh? Which is it? Either way, at the time they weren’t sending or replying.

  6. @Bricker59 – Oh I know what you’re talking about. But that isn’t what’s happening here. There are real girls with real blogs making these comments to me right here on xanga. What you’re talking about I’ve seen more on myspace or craigslist and even some shadier dating sites. 

    On the real dating sites I don’t get anything, but on xanga there are remarks here and there. 

  7. Haha. Well, at least you didn’t have to pay to get flattered by girls on here. Haha. Well, if you were on those dating sites that made you pay.

    That’s funny.

  8. Because on dating sites every attractive or intelligent girl gets a hundred messages a day and doesn’t bother reading them all.

  9. I’d have to say… we women are messed up in the head!  Some like to tease and some just like to get under “other” girls’ skin. 

    I’d have to say though, there are acceptations to the rules.  When I was single and on dating sites, I would message the “good guys” back, but it turned out they were pretending to be good on line and in person they were ass holes.  I did quite a few messages myself, though.

    I think it’s hit or miss.  I know we women are confusing, but at the same time… so are men!  LOL

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