Return of the 80’s

I was a child of the 1980’s. I lived through the whole decade. It was a great time to be a kid. As I’m sure every generation will say the decade they grew up in was a great time to be a kid. lol.

Lot of big hair, neon colors and the beginning a mainstream electronic pop music. As well as the beginning of the Nintendo generation, for which I am a part of.

I just think it’s interesting to see all this retro 80’s stuff lately. I remember in the mid 90’s how everyone looked at the 80’s with such distaste. Everyone made fun of the 80’s while embracing the 70’s. Seems like everything skips a decade.

That said, I better get out my combat boots, flannel shirts and grunge/industrial music because I’m sure the retro 90’s stuff isn’t too many years away. :)

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  1. Up with flannel!   It is extremely cumfable(To quote Dale Earnhardt Jr). I don;t wear it much in Arid zona……….When we lived in the Great NorthWET, it was usually one of the “layers”…….

  2. I am also a child of the 80s, but honestly it holds nothing special for me.  The music was horrible, the fashions were even worse, and no one had any money.  The decade kind of sucked :o

    The 90s was better, but only because of the great music.  The fashions got a bit better, too, but only because they were fairly generic instead of GAAAAAHHHH.

  3. @hapax23 – When we lived in the Great NorthWET, it was usually one of the “layers”…….

    Haha, it still is!  I was up by Seattle about 5 months ago on a business trip.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, was in flannel!  I was wearing a long plaid skirt and a black turtleneck, and I had more than one person say “you’re not from around here, are you?” *LOL*

  4. Flannel, now that was a fashion trend I actually got into. Not so much with the high-tops and the big hair and the neon bright colors of the eighties. Though some of the music in each decade is interesting.

    I grew up in the eighties, too, but I think most of my clearer memories of pop culture are from the nineties.

    Personally, I’m waiting for the retro trend that puts all the women back in hoop skirts and corsets, or gets the men to wear white wigs and ascots. Now that’s creative.

  5. You know, I was reading your comments on another site (which have been given their own entry, in a screenshot, on a site I subscribe to) and I thought it was interesting. While what you say is not the truth necessarily (who the fuck knows why the “nice” guy doesn’t get the girl… or the other way around) I don’t think you were a douche. My own boyfriend would probably agree partly, also from experience. I guess I can see both sides. I’m neutral.

    I’m much more angry at that poster who used the word “retarded” in her comment, backing up the original poster. So it’s not okay, in her book, for you to feel the way you do, but it’s okay to use the word retarded as an adjective, like a ten year old. I lose respect for people when they stoop to name-calling. Especially that word. Ah, but now I’m going off topic here.  :]

    (Besides, you have a girlfriend… you gotta be doing something right after two years, eh?)

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