Resident Evil After Life

Melissa and I went and saw this yesterday in 3D. It was fun. Like a date. We even bought popcorn. Something I haven’t done in a long time. They had these popcorn seasoning shakers you could put on it. I got an extra bag from the guy behind the counter (what a weird word “counter” I can only assume its origin comes from “the place where money is counted” or something) and put this really good parmesan cheese seasoning on it along with some salt and butter. Best popcorn I’ve had in a long time.

Anyway, the movie was entertaining at best. It’s biggest problem was lack of story. The 3D was cool, especially in Alaska with the trees and beach. The real stuff, not the computer generated stuff. The main bad guy was horrible. Do they think we’ve forgotten about Agent Smith from the Matrix already?!! Absolute ripoff of that character. Some of the action scene were cool, but of course, over the top.

But otherwise it was your typical tough chick(s) in tights who knows martial arts, kicks the ass of a bunch of faceless guys in motorcycle helmets and zombies. In a completely mindless way that’s entertaining. But when you realize you’ve paid over $25 to see it, you question why you didn’t wait for DVD. I mean I know why, it was the 3D. I’m a bit of a sucker for the James Cameron 3D system and the previews did make it look cooler than it was.

But I’m just tired of these stereotypical movies. I want to see something happen that I don’t expect. Like one of those faceless motorcycle helmet wearing guys suddenly be so much better than the others and not get his ass kicked. I’m also sick of these stereotypical character types, like the badass silent type or sniveling prick or comic relief. Try developing some characters that are a little more mixed up.

Anyway. That’s my review.   

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  1. It’s soo true!! I went and saw it, and now i liked the other ones; the first was my favorite!! But, i went in with MORE than what i got.. It was entertaining–although the flash light scenes got on my nerves haha

    I thought the bathroom scene was cool, but i didn’t understand why ANYthing she did was soo slow LMAO
    But great entertainment, and great picture….Also, the black guy JUMPING onto the butt of the airplane and PULLING it down…?? come on now haha

  2. @Dance_4_Life200 – You’re right. The first movie was the bet. Especially the first half of the first movie. I was actually really surprised by it. I remember seeing the previews back then and thinking to myself “Oh God, another video game movie that’s going to suck.” But then a friend of mine at the time who is very skeptical went and saw it and came back and said it was actually really good. So I had to check it out and I was impressed, that is until the CG monsters started coming out. Then it was just sort of ok. But like I said, the first half of the first movie was great.

    Wasn’t really a fan of the second or third one so much. But I’m more of a sci-fi fan. I think that’s why I liked the first one best and why I gave the fourth one a shot based on the previews. It had more of a sci-fi almost Blade-like look and feel to it.

  3. @roxics – Yeah! But the like flying through the air in the fourth one at the beginning was like “wwwhhhhaaat” haha You could LITERALLY almost see the wires..It was soo weird, and then there were like a million of her!?

    In the third one I didn’t get why she. kept. dying. Hahaha I mean towards the end i was just like “oh hey look she died again” and there were like a million bodies!!  In the first one I LOVED that big monster guy, and then she had to fight him at the end—that was pretty awesome! The second one was actually pretty forgettable
    –You should watch ‘Splinter’ its a Sci-Fi movie; I liked it :)

  4. @Dance_4_Life200 – She fought two big monster guys… in the first and second.  In the second she had to “compete” with Matt, who was turning into “something” at the end of one when Umbrella came and removed them from the mansion.

    I’m a huge Mila fan and I do confess to liking the Resident Evil movies, but… The fourth one left me leaving the theater very disappointed!

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