Republicans Suck! -A Rant

I’m so sick of Republicans. I really don’t care for their agenda. This whole concept that we should control everything about our individual lives.Our retirement, our health insurance and so on. It just doesn’t work anymore. Why in the world would you think it would be a good idea to disband social security? Because it has the word  “social” in it? Fear Fear Fear. God forbid the U.S. government practice any kind of social system. Oh no! We might as well all be commies then. Most seem to forget however that we set up social security as a reaction to the elderly that suffered during the great depression. As in, WE LEARNED FROM OUR MISTAKE by not having it to begin with. So we set it up. Now you want to go and make the same fucking mistake all over again?

Back when Bush (or should I say Satan) was in office he wanted to get rid of such a thing. His idea and the idea of the Republican party was to just let people save for their own retirement. Right. Because people always do the right thing like save their money for retirement. Except for those that don’t, they can die on the street. How very Christian of you.

Now they want to keep doing the same thing with health care. Yet they forget that private insurance companies enjoy raping people up the ass. Deductibles. What the fuck is a deductible and why does this spawn of Satan need to exist? So you’re saying that I’ve been paying into the system the whole time, but I got sick and now I need to pay out this much before you begin paying for me? Um. Why the fuck have I been paying you guys this entire time if you’re just going to jew me out now? Oh wait, it doesn’t matter, because I’m not covered for that due to a preexisting condition of mine. Oh you got a new boat Mr. Executive. That’s nice, how about paying my fucking hospital bill instead?

We certainly can’t let the government run health care, because the government can’t run shit right? I guess the mail never gets there. Geez, seems to show up every day in my mail box and has my entire life. Oh and what does it deliver? Well my mom seems to get her social security check on time, even sometimes early. It’s what pays her bills. Then there is the US military, they suck don’t they? Except for the fact that they’re the fastest and most powerful in the history of the world. But you know, the government can’t run shit. We should all run for our lives because big brother is watching us. Because we’re so fucking important we need to be watched all the time. Yes that’s right, there is one person for every person in the US whose entire life is spent watching our entire life and making sure we don’t step out of line.

Fear, Fear, Fear.   

There have been lots of studies on human nature. What these studies show is that people are easily influenced and don’t always make the right decisions for themselves because they’re lazy. Yes they’re lazy. Go ahead and say “We’ll if they’re lazy, then let them be damned’ but then you’d be damning most of the world. People by nature don’t always make the right choices and most of the time it’s because they’re lazy. So God forbid we put a social system in order that benefits us because it understands our lazy, bad choice making behavior as humans.


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  1. the beginning of your post makes me think this is satire.

    I for one think you misrepresent the views that most Republicans share. Just as the views of the Radical Left does not represent most Democrats.

    Republicans and traditional Conservatives do not want the Government in our lives. For this reason they oppose an expansion of government health care.

    If people don’t have the discipline to save for their own future why should the average hard working taxpayer, who has problems enough of his own, have to bail his fellow American?

    And what does Christianity have to do with anything?

  2. @SilentSeekr – Most of this post was sarcastic. But yes you hit the nail on the head as to why I don’t like Republicans. They only think of themselves. They forget that those getting something from the government also paid into it their entire lives. No one should have to save for their own retirement. Most people aren’t that disciplined. But republicans really don’t understand human nature very well. 

  3. @SilentSeekr – That doesn’t mean everyone should be one their own. Social systems should exist to help people out. Like a national health care plan, social security, a military and so on. There is nothing wrong with pooling our money together though our taxes to take care of basic needs. No one should let the elderly die in the streets or anyone go without basic health care. That’s just retarded for a first world country.

  4. @roxics – Right. Basic health care. And, no emergency room in America will turn away a patient. No one.

    Hell, even illegal immigrants can get emergency room care. Sorry, friend.

  5. @SilentSeekr – Yeah and then you have to turn around and pay for and if you can’t it goes on your credit report. That argument doesn’t work. You’re grasping at straws. It should be covered 100%

  6. Most Republicans are too lazy to examine what they really think.  They just learned it from their Republican mommy and daddy. So they are lazy thinkers, I agree.  And what’s Christianity got to to with it?  You can thank George W. Bush for linking fundamental christianity with rightwing mania. And @SilentSeekr – you say you don’t want gov in your lives? Do you know how insane that sounds?  You are GOING to have government in your lifes in some way shape or form. What’s the diff, state or fed?  Y’all want the right to kill criminal in capitol punishment, you all want that, that’s a government thing.  And all your other republican stuff you like, police and crime control etc., that is all government involvement and those are only a very few of zillions of examples where you people DO want and NEED government. And guess what?  I’ll bet there’s no way in hell you’re going to say “no thanks” when you are offered social security and medicare, if you’re lucky enough that they still exist.

  7. @Loonsounds – I’m not speaking from an extremist point of view, it sounds like you’re saying because we need government in some aspect of our lives we need government entirely in our lives.

    Chill the fuck out.

  8. I’m with you on this.  Nothing riles me up like Republicans (also the FOX network)–the most irrational hypocritical political party ever. 

    I HATE health insurance companies.  And they’re useless when you need them.  They never cover you enough.  Plus, they have the nerve to use ignorant seniors for their cause and bought off Republicans and the FOX network.  PAWNS!


  9. You are so right, man. I’m sick of Republicans taking over our country and ruining it even more than it already was. I mean, look at our current position. We’re already screwed. 

  10. What I hear coming out of you is something like, “I don’t understand how things work, I don’t want to deal with the problems of my own retirement, and someone else should take care of me so I don’t have to figure all this stuff out.”  You may feel lazy, but that doesn’t mean no one else in the rest of the world hasn’t found a way to overcome our human nature.

  11. @phantomFive – The great thing about that, if if you do save for retirement, that’s just extra in your pocket. But if you look up any studies on human nature you’ll discover that “most” people are in fact lazy. So I don’t see what the problem is with having the government take a little out to give back to us in the future. People are just so scared of the government controlling anything and it’s ridiculous.

  12. @roxics – Nah man, I feel sorry for people who get unlucky and lose all their retirement savings, I think we should help out sick people if we can, I feel sorry for homeless people who are full of self-doubt, but lazy people can go kick it on the curb until they find some motivation to do something with their lives.  I feel absolutely no moral obligation to help lazy people.  And I’m not even Republican.

  13. Yay!!! I’m tired of Republicans too!!! I have different reasons but I do share alike thoughts on healthcare because well I grew up in the states moved to Canada and have been living there for the past 8 years. I LIVE the difference!

    I think that it should be a human right for everyone to see the dr! I also think it should be a human right that any two people can get married. The same people fighting against gay marriage are the same people who fought against interracial marriage and that wasn’t THAT long ago. People are like sheep and unfortunately it won’t be the majority that will fight for these things to change. I use the interracial example because majority was still against it when it finally passed.

    One more thing I don’t know if I agree about Repubs being lazy. I think Dick Cheney knew exactly what he wanted to get done and worked very hard for it.

    P.S. Dude your eyes are dark dark dark brown in that profile pic. It’s trippy but cool!

  14. @SilentSeekr – Dude, I am pretty fuckin chillaxed.  I was merely responding to this statement from you, verbatim you said:

    “Republicans and traditional Conservatives do not want the Government in our lives. For this reason they oppose an expansion of government health care.”

    I don’t like to read into what people say or know if you don’t mean what you say. Sounds like now you are ammeding what you said in that sentence, so OK!  I just thought the sentence, as written, didn’t make much sense.

  15. @phantomFive – I don’t think you and I are on the same page when defining lazy people. I’m talking about people that work their entire lives and pay their taxes but can’t seem to save for retirement because stuff keeps coming up. According your repubs those people should just be fucked. I disagree.

    @CityChicToronto – I’m not saying republicans are lazy specifically. I’m saying most people by nature are lazy according to studies done of human nature.

  16. I forgot to say our science is mostly based on Darwinism the “Survival of the fittest”. Obviously our culture doesn’t care about our children, animals, the elderly or the environment. Proof is in the pudding. I hope we evolve..

  17. @Loonsounds – I wasn’t amending what I said. I just stated things in a manner that can be understood by certain people, you and Roxics chiefly, who jump on me because I don’t subscribe to your mindset. I thought you were supposed to be one of the good ones, as far as Liberals were concerned.

  18. @SilentSeekr – sigh…I guess some people want you to take what they say literally, and others do not.  It’s hard to keep up! I would like to get this straight with you. Is what you said not to be taken literally? Right?  I mean, you are not ammending it, I just should not have taken it so literally? Is that what happened?

  19. @dirtbubble – LOL, I have never ever seen anybody give 1 eprop before. That’s kinda amusing, in a funny way, I’m not picking on you, just joking around but he did warn it was a rant after all.

  20. Repubs aren’t stupid enough to settle for second rate health insurance nor do they want to wait for hrs to see a Dr. and neither should you.

  21. @bukeshow – Tell that to the people who don’t go see the doctor at all because they can’t afford health insurance. Something is better than nothing.

     I’m all for you rich people wanting to pay out your ass for primo health insurance. If you want to keep it I say you should be able to. But everyone should be at least covered by something.

  22. @roxics – and no repub would tell you we don’t think we need reform we all think something needs to be done and we think the poor definately needs covering. The rich repubs already pay for damn near everything do you know anything about taxes. We are just not stupid enough to take the first option given to us. There has to be a better cheaper way. Obama himself won’t even give a price. Our country is broke repubs know this will do further damage to our country.

  23. @roxics – ooooooh……..people who keep ‘having stuff come up.’  That is code for ‘I have no clue how to manage my own finances.’  Yeah, stuff comes up, it happens to everyone.  But most people who always say that just don’t know how to manage their finances.

  24. @SilentSeekr – it’s frustrating when nobody is trying to listen to what you are saying, but you have to admit though, you should have seen it coming especially at this post… Liberals don’t want their circle-jerk to be interrupted by conservative voice trying to explain.  Liberals will stereotype conservatives and vice versa… whatever.  One thing is for sure, Democrats will always find a way to complain about something that the big bad republicans did.

    Wake up, you democrats have the Presidency, Senate, and House of Representatives in majority control.  If something isn’t being passed, it’s because IT SUCKS and you guys can’t keep it together.

  25. Greed game. We want money, our own or someone else’s. But who has a right to what money? What is money? Why do we have money? Why can’t we all just share food and get along? Greed game.

  26. It’s not only laziness that stops people from saving for their retirement.  Look at all the taxes we pay on everything else.  It’s hard enough to save money to buy a fricken laptop, let alone retirement.  Then, if you’re smart you’ll invest in stocks and bonds.  However that isn’t fool proof either.  Stocks can go down as well as your broker stealing your money.  Doesn’t sound good to me.

    To everyone who asked “What does Christianity have to do with it?”  Let me help you out, since you can’t seem to think for yourselves…

    Being a Christian means helping out your fellow man.  Having hope and love for all your fellow brothers and sisters… am I wrong?  So, if we let people fail because they weren’t able to save for their retirement, well, we’re just selfish bastards who deserves to rot in hell!

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