Religious Estimates

Religious Estimates

Christianity 2.1 billion
Islam 1.5 billion
Secularism/irreligious/agnostic/atheism 1.1 billion
Hinduism 900 million
Chinese traditional religion 394 million
Buddhism 376 million
Primal-indigenous 300 million
African traditional/diasporic 100 million
Sikhism 23 million
Juche 19 million
Spiritism 15 million
Judaism 14 million
Bahá’í Faith 7 million
Jainism 4.2 million
Cao Dai 4 million
Zoroastrianism 2.6 million
Tenrikyo 2 million
Neo-Paganism 1 million
Unitarian-Universalism 800,000
Rastafari Movement 600,000
Scientology 500,000

It’s amazing how many people are wrong. ;)

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  1. To a degree I assume everyone is wrong. But as the search for a god is awfully close to  universal. It turning out that there is nothing to that is unlikely

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