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I can’t remember if I’ve asked this before or not, so excuse me if I have. But for those of you in relationships how do you deal with money? Who pays for what and when? Do you split everything equally? Does he always pay? Does she always pay? Did one of you pay for everything in the beginning and then after a period of time you both started splitting it? Do you share finances and a single bank account?

How does it go in your relationship? I’m asking more in regard to relationships than marriage.

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  1. I’m single now but in my past relationships I paid my own mortgage so that no one could say this house is mine too…NO it belongs to my children. The bills and grocery were split and I was ok with that part.

  2. In the beginning of our relationship my fiance would pay for things such as dates but everything else we would split. This lasted for about 3 months of our relationship. Now, There isn’t a mine and yours.. we consider everything OURS. Our money goes into a joint account and is split into bills from there. A lot of people outside of close relatives look at our financial relationship with confusion considering we are not married yet and do not live together they find it very strange. But we have lived this way for the last 2 years and I don’t see anything wrong with it.

  3. In the beginning, he paid for everything. After about a year, we would take turns or split the bills. He prob has still paid more simply because he makes more money than I do. We have lived together for two years and while he pays the rent, I pay the utilities. We split groceries. It has never been a problem for us and we have gone through some very lean financial times.  

  4. In the beginning of my last relationship we split everything. As it progressed, whoever asked the other one out on the date usually paid. Then as we got more serious, I’d let him pay (he made more money, and hated when I’d pay). I’d usually leave the tip though or buy something meaningless to assert my independence. Haha. Then after we got married, we had a joint account. We still argued of who paid…

  5. On the dating side of my relationship, I tend to pay more, but now that she’s got a job that’s paying decent, it’s starting to even out.  

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