Reasons for self-driving cars

It’s a running joke with my friends. Often something will happen or we’ll hear about something and I’ll say “reason #461 for self-driving cars.” We seem to just keep coming up with them. At this point I’ve forgotten most of them, so I’ve decided I should really write these down. As a result, this is my ever growing, always to be updated list of reasons self-driving cars are a good idea. At least in theory. We’ll see how they really work out in the long run once they’re everywhere. Obviously their aren’t yet 461 reasons, but maybe we’ll get there eventually.

1. Because humans beings are easily distracted with other things. Eating, drinking, makeup, singing, looking around, roadhead, etc.

2. Because you need a way to get yourself and your car home safely after a night at the bar.

3. So that you can catch up on emails and text people while in route.

4. Because your elderly parent can’t drive anymore but is stubborn and insists on doing so. Or because she just doesn’t drive anymore and missed the bus that goes to Walmart every Wednesday at the senior living complex.

5. Because your 13 year old and their friends want to go to the mall or movie theater and you’re busy with something else.

6.  You’re too tired to drive and falling asleep at the wheel.

7. Assholes who hit animals with their cars on purpose. Hopefully self-driving cars won’t be so cruel.

8. Because people can’t stop gawking at things on the side of the road, slowing down traffic.

9. So your car can valet itself. Especially handy in huge parking lots like amusement parks.

10. So that cars all merge into the proper lane at the proper time when a lane is ending, rather than some people racing up and wanting to merge last minute and causing delays.

11. So that cars on the freeway automatically move over into the other lanes, giving cars just coming onto the freeway a place to go.

12. So that people don’t drive the wrong way down the street. Such as one-way streets or that crackhead that is driving all over the road.

13. So that you don’t miss that exit you’re supposed to take.

…more to come

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