It makes no sense to me that we gang up a bunch of outlaws in one place so they can network and trade ideas with each other and become more hostile.

When you’re in school the teacher always splits up the “bad kids” or the kids who are talking throughout class. Tries to get them as far away from each other as possible.

So why does our prison system gang them togther?

Seems like a cool and reasonable idea would be to teather them somehow and release them in society where they can be surrounded by normal people and be forced into reform.

Perhaps a new type of drug could induce some type of extreme anxiety everytime they came close to performing an illegal activity.

As someone who has suffered from anxiety in the past I’ll tell you that when it gets extreme you feel incredibly weak and powerless. You’re more likely to ask for help or call 911 then try and kill someone or steal. If you know you’re going to feel that way by attempting something like that you’ll learn quick to avoid it.

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