Poor versus Trashy

If I ruled the world and had the superpower to change things in reality just by imagining it, that would be pretty cool. I would invent new technologies yet unheard of. I would build futuristic new cities overnight. In doing all of this my ultimate goal would be to provide everyone with a better standard of living.

But even if this were reality and I did indeed have these superpowers, I would still face an uphill battle. My superpower would not include the ability to change peoples minds. Even if it did it would be a power I would resist using. It’s no fun to rule a world where everyone agrees with you.

I’ve dreamed of huge buildings that reach two or three miles into the sky and a mile by mile square. An entire city in just one building among many. Inside each level would be ample green space, great public facilities and low cost living. Even those with the weakest of budgets could afford an apartment with over two thousand square feet of living space with absolutely modern bathrooms and kitchens.

It’s a Utopian dream. But in thinking about it more I realize those with the weakest budgets that I’m talking about are good and decent people who want more from life but just don’t have the means to support it. These are poor people with manners and certain degree of education. Really I’m talking about myself and those like me right now.

But the reality is that there are a lot of poor people who are also trashy people. The reason they are poor is because they’re trashy. Because they were raised by trashy people who never put much focus on education and manners.

When I think about how the world really is, I begin to believe that it’s perfect. It all makes sense. Those people who speak intelligently and carry a certain degree manners and motivation can make something of themselves. At least in the United States. They may not become millionaires, but they can at least increase their station in life and live in clean safe environments. But those that are trashy rarely will.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that only poor people can be trashy. I think Paris Hilton is a perfect example to the contrary. There is definitely a difference between being poor and being trashy. It just so happens that many trashy people also happen to be poor.

I see some of these young white ghetto guys walking around on the street with their oversized coats and their baseball caps turned to the side. Just from that first glance I can tell you that most of these guys will never make it further in life then they already are. That is unless they change their ways.

If any of these types of people moved into my Utopian city buildings they would reduce their living space down to their mentality. The result is their environment would not be as clean and probably filled with more violence then other areas. As much as I would have fought to rid such a city building of it, I would find that in fact I would have ghettos in certain areas. Because ghettos are not really about being poor, they are a state of mind. A state of mind that affects the environment around it. I know this because I’ve seen neighborhoods that are obviously filled with people who are lower in income. But take pride in what they do have. They keep their streets and their homes clean. They have a certain degree of manners and well being. Unfortunately so many of such neighborhood these days have been infested by trashy people because of the low cost of entry. The result is that it brings the overall environment down and those that are just poor and not trashy end up trapped in such bad environments having to deal with trashy neighbors.


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  1. “Because they were raised by trashy people who never put much focus on education and manners” – Well put. Good entry. Everyone has the capacity to change.

  2. so true. there are quite a few people out there who expect things to simply be handed to them, and do nothing to forward themselves in life. they blame all their problems on society, the government, or other forces beyond their control.  and then there are others who are born with less than nothing and work their way to the top, or at least up from the bottom. there are people who are obsessed with their status on the bottom and there are people who make what they can out of their lives regardless. and then there are people who start out with more than nothing and do nothing to advance themselves, but act like they are on the bottom. i know some people like that. it’s all about the mindset.

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