Pinterest and the downfall of patience

So basically they took a photo hosting site, renamed albums “pinboards” and renamed share “repin” and suddenly they have a service that is making women everywhere orgasm in delight?

Ok. Cool.

I guess realistically the idea of taking a womens magazine and “twitterizing” it for the internet was bound to happen eventually.

I thought my girlfriends response upon first seeing it was kind of funny. “Oh that’s cute, but they don’t show you how to make it.”

To which I thought “Of course not sweetie, no one has the attention span to read anything anymore.”

I can’t say I dislike Pinterest. Obviously the site is a knock out success. But it plagues me that this is what the internet is turning into. Hell even on facebook it’s a chore to get anyone to read anything longer than three sentences.

I’m worried we’re heading toward the Idiocracy point of the internet. Maybe it’s data overload. Presented with so much we feel overwhelmed to spend any real time on a single thing. But the truth is it’s remapping our minds. It’s like drug use. We expect that faster and faster high. That can’t be a good thing.

How is it that we could walk into a library or a bookstore previous to the internet and not feel overwhelmed with thousands of great books before us? Yet with the internet our attention has increasingly become shorter and shorter.

I aim to figure that out. But something tells me the secret has to do with value association.

7 thoughts on “Pinterest and the downfall of patience

  1. I dislike Pinterest.  A lot.

    Your comment about the Library made me think of our Library in town. It has brought the muiltimedia center into the heart of the Library.  There is literally no place to study without requesting a quiet room.  I’m disappointed! The two tables they do have is pointless because it’s so noisy from the people who are going through the DVD’s

  2. On Pinterest, if you click on the picture, it takes you to the site where it originated….whether it be the recipe or how to make it, etc..  So it’s not just staring at random pictures wishing you knew how to do it.  You can learn different things.  Pinterest is just something fun and new with lots of hype.

  3. I feel like I’m falling behind the internet.  Which is kinda sad considering I used to be a web designer and had to be on top of it.  But sites like pinterest, flickr, instagram, twitter, etc. I hear about them (even have a twitter since it started in beta) but have basically no clue what they are, or how/why people would want them.  Maybe I’m just getting too old for this new internet generation.

  4. the only thing i dislike more than pinterest is when people link what they “pin” to facebook.

    every once in a while someone says to me “you are still on xanga? it’s so outdated.”
    if writing more that three sentence blurbs is antiquated, consider me old.

    what you have said is brilliant. i want to post it on….facebook.

  5. I don’t get it. Granted, I’ve never actually visited Pinterest. But several women I know have urged me to do so (“You’ll love it!” “It’s so cool!” “I’m totally addicted to it!”) Ummmmm, I think I’m good. 

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