People who can’t think

When I started a couple years ago I never knew what to do with it. The word itself is the name of a character in a screenplay I’ve been writing for years. I bought the URL ( as a way to reserve it for when I hoped to make the film so that it could be the official website. However…

I realized it’s a sad thing to see a perfectly good URL go to waste, so I pondered what I could do with the site in the meantime.

Finally after a couple years of the site sitting there doing nothing it hit me. I’ll start a blog about ideas. Not everyday crap like relationships and work and so on, but ideas about science and technology, philosophy, the world in general and in the future.

A way to get some ideas out there for others to think about as well.

Funny thing is some people show up and post nasty comments. These are the same kind of people I’ve battled my entire life. The kind that believe thinking too deeply about things that don’t currently exist is a waste of time. It shouldn’t bother me since these people don’t really matter. It’s easy for anyone to to be a dick while tucked safely behind an alias on the internet. What’s hard is to take your ideas and post them before the world where those people can nip at them.

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